Insadong-gil [인사동길]

Doom at Your Service (2021); The Great Seducer (2018); Goblin (2016-17); Bride of the Century (2014); When It's At Night (2008); Friends (2002)

No. 6 Tak Dong-kyung (Park Bo-young) sees web novel author Park Young-eun/Gwi Gong-ja (Nam Da-reum), that she cannot get hold off since a while by chance as part of the boy band Highteen Dream at the Naminsa Madang Outdoor Stage [남인사마당 야외무대] at this street in episode 8 of Doom at Your Service/Destruction Doom (어느 날 우리 집 현관으로 멸망이 들어왔다) (tvN, 2021) when driving by here with Myul Mang (Seo In-guk).

No. 26-1 Jang Yi-Hyun (Sung Hyuk) brings Na Doo-rim (Yang Jin-sung) to this street in episode 3 of Bride of the Century (백년의 신부) (CSTV, 2014) to cheer her up and buys her a sweet pastry at a take-out restaurant, which is now women clothing shop Bettlga [베틀가 인사점]. This is where Choi Kang-joo (Lee Hong-ki of F.T. Island) runs into them on his way to watch the showcase of his brother’s band Monster at this club.

No. 41 Heo Cho-hee (Kim Sun-ah) and Kim Bum-sang (Lee Dong-gun) walk down this street in episode 14 of When It’s At Night/Night After Night (밤이면 밤마다) (MBC, 2008).

No. 44 Kwon Seok-woo (Shin Sung-woo) and Seol Young-won (Jeon Mi-sun) walk down this street at the height of Ssamziegil [인사동쌈지길] full of memories for them on their date in episode 15 of The Great Seducer/Tempted (위대한 유혹자) (MBC, 2018).

No. 53-2 Ji Eun-tak (Kim Go-eun) walks through this street in episode 12 of Goblin/Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (쓸쓸하고 찬란하神 – 도깨비) (tvN, 2016-17).

No. 56 It is just in front of the former Gana Art Space [가나아트스페이스] that Kim Ji-hoon (Won Bin) and Tomoko Asai (Kyoko Fukada) run into each other by coincidence in episode 3 of Friends 2002 (Peurenjeu/프렌즈/フレンズ) (MBC/TBS, 2002) after their break-up; she is here as a tourist guide and he is taking photos at this street.

Other locations along this street

No. 34-1: Insa Art Plaza [인사아트 프라자]
No. 44: Ssamzigil [쌈지길]

* * *

Insadong-gil [인사동길] is the main street running through popular tourist area Insadong in Seoul’s neighborhood Gwangun [Gwanhun-dong/관훈동] — under the administration of Jongno- ga-dong/Jongno 1(il).2(i).3(sam).4(sa) [종로1.2.3.4가동] — in the Jongno District [Jongno-gu/종로구]. Naminsa Madang Outdoor Stage [남인사마당 야외무대] constitutes the Southern point of this street and sits vis-à-vis Tapgol Park [탑골공원]. The outdoor stage is reserved only for for traditional culture and arts events and its tile mosaic represents an Irworobongdo — a painting of the Sun, Moon and the Five Peaks.

The building seen in the background in Bride of the Century is the art gallery Art World [미술세계].

Address of Bettlga [베틀가 인사점]
26-1 Insadong-gil, Insa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 종로구 인사동길 26-1
(인사동 1-4)
Geolocation: 37.573114, 126.986204
Geolocation Street: 37.573002, 126.986180

Address Naminsa Madang Outdoor Stage [남인사마당 야외무대]
6 Insadong-gil, Insa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울 종로구 인사동길 6
(인사동 43-2)
Geolocation: 37.571422, 126.987375

Getting here
Jongno 3-ga Station [종로3가역], Seoul Subway Line 1, 3 and 5, Exit 5
(5 min. walk)

— submitted by Marion KDL

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