Incheon Global Campus (IGC) [인천글로벌캠퍼스]

SF8 (2020); Leverage (2019); Romance is a Bonus Book (2019); Yong-Pal (2015)

In episode 1 of Romance is a Bonus Book/Romance is a Supplement/How To Publish Love (로맨스는 별책부록) (tvN, 2019), Kang Dan-i (Lee Na-young) loses one of her high heels when coming back from a job interview at the bus stop situated in front of main entrance of Dormitory B [기숙사B동] of this campus. The heel tumbles on the busy street, which makes it impossible for her to recover it. Ji Seo-joon (Wi Ha-joon), waiting at the bus stop on the opposite side of the street, observes the situation and picks up the heel (as seen in a later sequence).

The scene is memorable because it shows a cute and uncommon encounter with the female lead and the second male lead, instantly igniting the second male lead syndrome feels, Karrinap shares with us.

Also seen in ‘Joan’s Galaxy/Astronaut Joan’ (우주인 조안), episode 3 of SF8 (에스 에프 에잇) (MBC, 2020); episode 3 of Leverage (Rebeoriji: Sagijojakdan / 레버리지:사기조작단) (TV Chosun, 2019); Yong-Pal/The Gang Doctor (용팔이) (SBS, 2015).

* * *

Incheon Global Campus (IGC) [인천글로벌캠퍼스], opened in 2012, is a shared campus of SUNY Korea [한국뉴욕주립대학교], George Mason University Korea, Ghent University Global Campus [한국조지메이슨대학교 송도캠퍼스] and The University of Utah Asia Campus [유타대학교 아시아캠퍼스]. Established by the South Korean government and Incheon Metropolitan City to innovate the South Korean education system, it is advertised as the “best global education hub in Northeast Asia” and a “new education model” and planned to host 10 universities in total.

Incheon Global Campus (IGC) is located in Incheon’s Songdo International Business District [Songdo IBD] (송도), Yeonsu District [Yeonsu-gu/연수구]; in walking distance to Triple Street Shopping Mall [트리플스트리트].

119 Songdomunhwa-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea
인천광역시 연수구 송도문화로 119
(송도동 187)
Geolocation: 37.375439, 126.667907
Geolocation of RIABB scene (approx.): 37.378005, 126.666276

Getting here
Technopark Station [테크노파크역], Incheon Subway Line 1, Exit 2
(10 min. walk)
Campus Town Station [캠퍼스타운역], Incheon Subway Line 1, Exit 1
Take bus no. 6-2, 16 or 91 and get off at the Incheon Global Campus Bus Station.

— submitted by karrinap
Yong-Pal added by Marion KDL
Leverage added by Thom Musni
SF8 added by Mich KDL

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  1. In Episode 3 Of Leverege was also Filmed here.

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