Ilsan Cultural Park [일산문화공원]

Love All Play (2022); True Beauty (2020-21); Birthcare Center (2020); Start-Up (2020); Hyena (2020); My First First Love (2019); Abyss (2019); Romance Is A Bonus Book (2019); The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot (2018); A-Teen (2018); Familiar Wife (2018); Should We Kiss First (2018); Eulachacha Waikiki (2018); Longing Heart (2018); While You Were Sleeping (2017); The Sound of Your Heart (2016-17); The Heirs (2013); Personal Taste (2010); Brilliant Legacy (2009)

Couple and professional badminton players at Junis, Yang Sung-Sil (Jeon Hye-Won) and Lee Ji-Ho (Lee Chae-Min), walk through this park with their take away burger order for the team in episode 6 of Love All Play / The Speed Going to You 493km (너에게 가는 속도 493km) (KBS2, 2022).

Han Jun-woo (Oh Eui-sik) stands at the crossing of the shopping street in front of this park when he sees Im Hee-kyung (Im Se-mi) across the road in episode 13 of True Beauty/Yeoshingangrim (여신강림) (tvN, 2020-21). He stops her from crossing the road, calls her, and tells her that they need to take a break.

Ha Kyung-hoon (Nam Yoon-soo) andJo Eun-jung (Park Ha-sun) sit at this park after she fell down outside the cafe they were at, in final episode 8 of Birthcare Center/ Postnatal Care Center (산후조리원) (tvN, 2020).

A young Seo Dal-mi (Heo Jung-eun) sits on a bench at this park after her fight with her sister, and speaks to her father (Kim Joo-hun) over the phone in episode 1 of Start-Up (스타트업) (tvN/Netflix, 2020), after his successful meeting with the venture capital company.

A netizen reads the public polls about the outcome of the ‘White Scandal’ lawsuit at this park in episode 1 of Hyena (하이에나/Haiena) (SBS, 2020).

Choi Hun (Kang Tae-oh) and Oh Ga-rin (Choi Ri) run across this overpass, after narrowly escaping Ga-rin’s family’s staff members in episode 10 of My First First Love/Because It’s My First Love (첫사랑은 처음이라서) (Netflix, 2019). While catching their breath, Hun apologetically confesses to Ga-rin that he was the one who’d alerted her personal assistant to her whereabouts, as the money was tempting, and he’d desperately needed it.

Ko Se-yeon (Park Bo-Young) and Cha Min (Ahn Hyo-seop of One O One) eat triangle kimbaps on a bench at this park in episode 2 of Abyss (어비스) (tvN, 2019).

Inspired by author Kang Byeong-jun’s letter in the re-release of his book ‘April 23’, two young men help a grandmother while walking through this park in episode 16 of Romance is a Bonus Book/Romance is a Supplement/How To Publish Love (로맨스는 별책부록) (tvN, 2019).

After a company dinner/karaoke session, Cha Joo-hyuk (Ji Sung) and Seo Woo-jin (Han Ji-min) walk on the shopping street opposite this park, in episode 4 of Familiar Wife (아는 와이프) (tvN, 2018). Just then, a motorcyclist rushes towards Woo-jin, and Joo-hyuk reaches out to pull her to safety. Both are stunned when they realised Joo-hyuk had called her affectionately (“Woo-jin ah!”).

Eun Kyung-soo (Oh Ji-ho) passes through this park while on the phone with Baek Ji-min (Park Si-yeon) in episode 10 of Should We Kiss First/ Shall We Kiss First (키스 먼저 할까요) (SBS, 2018).

Bong Doo-sik (Son Seung-won) pleads Lee Joon-ki (Lee Yi-kyung) not to play the male-lead in the adult film with Mal-eum (Han Bo-bae) in episode 7 of Eulachacha Waikiki/Laughter in Waikiki/Welcome to Waikiki (으라차차 와이키키) (JTBC, 2018) and confesses that she is his first love. In episode 8, Doo-sik walks through this park with Mal-eum, wanting to confess his feelings to her only to be swiftly taken to the ground with a Krav Maga swing by her upon touching her wrist; a situation that takes place right before Caffe Rosetta [까페로제타].

Kang Shin-woo (Lee Jung-shin of CNBLUE) and Han Ji-soo (Lee Yul-eum) venture from this park into a shopping street — that leads toward Western Dom Shopping Mall [웨스턴돔 A동] — on their date in episode 10 of My First Love/ Longing Heart (애간장) (OCN, 2018).

Nam Hong-joo (Bae Suzy) walks through this park in episode 3 of While You Were Sleeping (2017) (당신이 잠든 사이에) (SBS, 2017). When seeing a girl that has lost a balloon (hanging now in a tree) she tells her that a guy with long legs — Jung Jae-chan (Lee Jong-suk), of course — will soon show up and help her retrieve her balloon.

Cha Eun-sang (Park Shin-hye) and Kim Tan (Lee Min-ho) walk in the snow through this parkin episode 20 of The Heirs (왕관을 쓰려는 자, 그 무게를 견뎌라 – 상속자들) (SBS, 2013).

Jeon Jin-Ho (Lee Min-Ho) has a drink with his colleagues No Sang-Jun (Jung Sung-Hwa) and Kim Tae-hoon (Im Seul-ong) at an outdoor pojangmacha at this park at the end of episode 10 of Personal Taste/Personal Preference (개인의 취향) (MBC, 2010) and Tae-hoon challenges Jin-ho in a drinking game over his crush Na Hye-mi (Choi Eun-seo).

Ko Eun-seong (Han Hyo-joo) comes here in episode 19 of Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance (찬란한 유산) (SBS, 2009) after she found out that her stepmother betrayed her for money.

Also seen in episode 1 of The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot (마음의 소리: Reboot) (KBS2/Netflix, 2018) (shopping area);  episode 1 of The Sound of Your Heart/Sound of Heart (마음의 소리) (KBS2/Netflix, 2016-17).

Web Drama filmed here

The A-Teen group watches a busking performance here in the last episode of web drama A-Teen/Eighteen (에이틴)  (Playlist Studio, 2018).

* * *

Ilsan Cultural Park [일산문화공원] is a public park and plaza —facing Ilsan Lake Park [일산호수공원] to the south and Jeongbalsan Station to the north— in Goyang’s neighborhood Janghang [Janghang-dong/장항동] in the Ilsandong District [Ilsandong-gu/일산동구]. It lies also inbetween Lafesta [라페스타] and Western Dome. The large square is utilized for various festive activities and political events such as elections, the celebration of National Liberation Day or a makgeolli festival. According to this Namu Wiki entry, this place was known in the past as an American tourist attraction.

In November 2021, construction work began to create the “Ilsan Green Zone Axis (일산녹지축)” that connects Jeongbalsan Park [정발산공원] via Ilsan Cultural Park [일산문화공원], Ilsan Lake Park [일산호수공원] and Janghang Wetland [장항습지] to the Han River. The Lake Park Entrance Overpass [호수공원 진입육교] — which connects to Ilsan Lake Park — crosses the Cheongwon Officetel Intersection [청원오피스텔삼거리] and is part of this project.

In 2022, a mural depicting RM (Kim Nam-joon) of BTS was painted on the Goyang Tourist Information Center that is located within this park Ilsan Cultural Park

Geolocation: 37.658498, 126.770720
Geolocation — overpass: 37.657908, 126.767831
Geolocation — Shining Inheritance: 37.658311, 126.771029
Geolocation — Longing Heart/Familiar Wife/True Beauty: 37.657899, 126.771068
Geolocation — Personal Taste: 37.658617, 126.769784

Getting here
Jeongbalsan Station [정발산역], Seoul Subway Line 3, Exit 1
Get out of the exit and you are right in the park.

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— Photos taken by © Xinnz, August 2018
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  1. In Episode 2 of Abyss(어비스) was also filmed here.

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