Ichon-ro 29-gil [이촌로29길]

Police University (2021); Blue Birthday (2021); Mine (2021); Navillera (2021); L.U.C.A.: The Beginning (2021); Private Lives (2020); 18 Again (2020); When My Love Blooms (2020); The Game (2020); Failing In Love (2019); Secret Boutique (2019); Catch The Ghost (2019); My First First Love (2019); Devilish Joy (2018); My Mister (2018); Hundred Million Stars from the Sky (2018); Liar Game (2014); Ojakgyo Brothers (2011-12); Romance (2002)

Cheon Ji-hoon (Namgoong Min) stops at the railway crossings of this streets when on his way to Jeil Laundry [제일세탁소] in episode 1 of One Dollar Lawyer (천원짜리 변호사) (SBS, 2022).

After having dinner out together, Kang Seon-ho (Jung Jin-young, formerly of B1A4) and his adoptive family – Yoon Seung-beom (Choi Woo-sung) and Yoon Taek-il (Oh Man-seok) – walk back home in episode 1 of Police University//Police Academy (Kyeongchalsueob/경찰수업) (KBS2, 2021) . At one of the railway crossings, Seon-ho comes to an halt because of an upcoming train while the rest cross over – together but apart; a representation how he feels about being in their lives.

Private tutor Kang Ja-kyeong (Ok Ja-yeon) walks down this street in episode 1 of Mine/Blue Diamond (Ma-in/마인) (tvN 2021).

Lee Chae-rok (Song Kang) and Sim Deok-chool (Park In-hwan) cross pass at this street at night in episode 10 of Navillera/Like A Butterfly (나빌레라) (tvN, 2021) and they both decide to continue the ballet lessons after Deok-chool dances for Chae-rok close to the train tracks. This is also where the two reunite in episode 12 right when Chae-rok comes back from three years abroad as a famous ballerina.

The ‘PC Graveyard’ van that Lee Jung-hwan (Go Kyung-pyo) and Choi Yoon-seok (Jang Won-hyuk) does their stake-out in is parked along this street just opposite Kko Kko Dak [꼬꼬닭] in episode 6 of Private Lives/Private Life/Sasaenghwal (사생활) (JTBC, 2020).

In episode 8 of 18 Again (18 어게인) (JTBC, 2020), Hong Dae-young (Yoon Sang-hyun) thinks back to a moment of rupture with his father Hong Joo-man (Lee Byung-joon) that happened on this street; while his father crossed over the train tracks, he stayed behind.

In a throwback to 1994 in episode 13 of When My Love Blooms/The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (화양연화 – 삶이 꽃이 되는 순간) (tvN, 2020), Han Jae-hyun (Jin-young of GOT7), and Yoon Ji-soo (Jeon So-nee), take a walk down this street and Ji-soo muses about how she now has “a dream that she didn’t have before” — which is a school for needy kids living in the neighborhood.

“There are 361 crossroads on the Go board. At each moment, you must make a choice in order to survive.”, thinks Lee Hyun-ji (Go Min-si) to herself when standing at this road in episode 6 (full episode 3) of Secret Boutique (시크릿 부티크) (SBS, 2019). “Which path should I take now?” she continues.

Yoo Ryeong (Moon Geun-young) runs after her sister Yoo-yin (Moon Geun-young) in epode 16 of Catch the Ghost (유령을 잡아라) (tvN, 2019) through this street. When her sister crosses the railroad tracks Yoo Ryeong is stopped by the safety gate. Even if she asks her sister to stay, she is gone once the train has past.

Yoon Tae-oh (Ji soo) has to stop in front of the train tracks on this street because of a passing train on his way home in episode 2 of My First First Love/Because It’s My First Love (첫사랑은 처음이라서) (Netflix, 2019) and he tries to call Han Song-yi (Jung Chae-yeon) in vein.

The take-out restaurant that Joo Gi-bbeum’s (Song Ha-yoon) brother works part-time at is located at this street and we see him driving through it coming back from a delivery in episode 11 of Devilish Joy (마성의 기쁨) (MBN/Dramax, 2018).

Park Dong-hoon (Lee Sun-kyun) chases down his youngest brother Ki-hoon Son Sae-byeok) on this street in episode 4 of My Mister/My Ajusshi (나의 아저씨) (tvN, 2018), as the latter stalked off in a fit of rage after hearing how his mother had accidentally witnessed other brother, Sang-hoon (Park Ho-san) being humiliated. Dong-hoon manages to stop the raging Ki-hoon in the middle of the train tracks. The next day, Sang-hoon and Ki-hoon see their mother near the tracks as they’re driving, so they stop to give her a ride home. In episode 9, Park Dong-hoon (Lee Sun-kyun) joins his brothers on this street while Lee Ji-An (IU) watches from a far, being relieved that he is doing well, after his passage on Hangang Bridge earlier.

When Nam Da-jung (Kim So-eun) helps an elderly person find her way –it is part of a reality show filmed with a hidden camera she is not aware of– in episode 1 of Liar Game (라이어 게임) (tvN, 2014), they walk through this street.

Hwang Tae-hee (Joo Won) follows a culprit into this street and can arrest him when he has to stop in front of the railroad in episode 1 of Ojakgyo Family/Ojakgyo Brothers (오작교 형제들) (KBS2, 2011-12).

After declining a visit to Kim Chae-won (Kim Ha-neul) who is sick with a very high fever, Choi Kwan-woo (Kim Jae-won) walks out of his studio and walks down this street (crossing the railroad tracks at the height of Hangangno Small Sports Center [한강로 소규모체육센터]) in episode 16 of Romance (Romangseu/로망스) (MBC, 2002) and questions himself if he has made the right decision; hesitating to call her but finally decides against it.

Also seen at the end of episode 11 of L.U.C.A.: The Beginning / LUCA (루카: 더 비기닝) (tvN, 2021); The Game: Towards Zero (더 게임: 0시를 향하여) (MBC, 2020); Hundred Million Stars from the Sky / The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (하늘에서 내리는 일억개의 별) (tvN, 2018).

Web Drama filmed here

Oh Ha-rin (Yeri of Red Velvet) and Ji Seo-jun (Yang Hong-seok of PENTAGON) ride through this street on his bike in episode 2 of Blue Birthday (블루버스데이) (Playlist, 2021).

No. 11 — Lee Si-won (Yang Hye-ji) and Lee Si-eon (Shin Yun-seob) walk down this street past Cafe Ask after she helped him get away from some senior students who were harassing him in episode 4 of Failing In Love (연애미수) (V Live/Naver TV/MBC, 2019). Later, they part at the railway tracks.

Movie filmed here

Rosebud (그대 이름은 장미) (2019)

MV Filmed Here

Lee Hi (이하이) (2021) “Red Lipstick” (빨간 립스틱) (feat. Yoon Mi-rae) – railroad crossing near Bam, Noeul

Other filming locations on this street

No. 25-1 Bam, Noeul [밤, 노을]
No. 29
Lighthouse Tintype Studio [등대사진관]
No. 35Railway Liquor Store [기찻길주점]
No. 40 — Dong-joo Mandu [동주 만두] (fictional name)
No. 61Kko Kko Dak [꼬꼬닭]

* * *

Ichon-ro 29-gil [이촌로29길] is located in Seoul’s neighborhood Hangangno [Hangangno-dong/한강로동] 1∼3 in the Yongsan District [Yongsan-gu /용산구]. Two train tracks run through this street via the Baekbin Railroad Crossing [백빈건널목] and the Munpyeongsan Railway Crossing [문평산 철도건널목]; one being the Gyeongui Jungang line [경의·중앙선] train tracks from Yongsan Station [용산역].

Ichon-ro 29-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 용산구 이촌로29길
(용산구 한강로3가)
Geolocation of the street (east): 37.5252567,126.9610346
Geolocation of tracks: 37.5250726,126.9607246
Geolocation of tracks Hanganro Small Sports Center: 37.524647, 126.960086

Getting here
Yongsan Station [용산역], Gyeongui Jungang Line/Seoul Subway Line 1, Exit 1
Sinyongsan Station [신용산역], Seoul Subway Line 4, Exit 3

▶ From the Yongsan Station exit, head to the street behind the Yongsan Dragon Hill Spa and Resort [드래곤힐스파], which is right next to the station
▶ The entrance of the street is between the spa and Shilla I’PARK Duty Free (part of IPARK Mall [아이파크몰])
▶ Keep walking straight for about 10-15 minutes and you should reach the train tracks
▶ It’s a slightly longer walk from Sinyongsan station, which takes you around the peripherals of the area.

— submitted by Mich KDL, updated by Marion KDL; last updated 05/11/2022
— updated information and photos taken by © Mich KDL, May 2018

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