Hwajeon-dong Mural Village [화전동벽화마을]

Hide and Seek (2018)

This is where Do Hyun-sook’s (Seo Ju-hee) house is located in Hide and Seek (숨바꼭질) (MBC, 2018). She stays here with her 3 daughters, including Ha Yeon-joo (Uhm Hyun-kyung). Cha Eun-hyuk (Song Chang-eui) also stayed here while he was still together with Yeon-joo.

* * *

Hwajeon-dong Mural Village [화전동벽화마을] spans a length of 4km, with 8 mural streets of various themes spread out around the area. Originally an undeveloped area in Goyang city due to limits in regional development, Hwajeon (previously named as such because of its many flowers — 花田洞) was given new life after residents took on this special mural project to spruce up the alleys. The mural village is primarily located in Goyang’s neighborhood Hwajeon [Hwajeon-dong/화전동] in the Deokyang District [Deokyang-gu/덕양구]. It is about a 10 min walk to Hwajeon 119 Safety Center [화전119안전센터].

Note, however, that Hyun-sook’s house is located in Deokeun-dong [덕은동], as part of the mural village’s extension in Dalmaji-gil [달맞이길]. The mural outside the house reads ‘덕은마을 달빛이야기’ (Deokeun Village Moonlight Story).

Please note that we marked the beginning of the street Jungang-ro 54beon-gil [중앙로54번길] as the starting point to enter this mural village. But there are several other entry points to discovering the murals here as the village (and its murals) is very spread out.

Address of Mural Village
88 Jungang-ro 78-beongil, Deokeun-dong, Deokyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
경기도 고양시 덕양구 중앙로78번안길 88
(경기도 고양시 덕양구 화전동 571-4)
Geolocation: 37.594875, 126.878648

Address of Hyun-sook’s house
71 Jungang-ro 62-beongil, Deokeun-dong, Deokyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
경기도 고양시 덕양구 중앙로62번길 71
(경기도 고양시 덕양구 덕은동 7-7)
Geolocation: 37.597617, 126.880912

Getting here (to the house)
Hwajeon Station [화전역], Gyeongui-Jungang Line, Exit 1.
From the Hwajeon Station bus stop (화전역앞 정류장 — no. 19-659), take town bus 042 for 6 stops (approx. 7 mins) till the 덕은동마을 bus stop, which is across the road from the house. Look out for a supermart  and a restaurant (식당) on the left of the street’s entrance towards the house. 

— submitted by Mich KDL

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