House Guam-gil no. 93-7

Sisyphus: The Myth (2021); Black Knight (2017-18); Age of Youth 2 (2017); Fight For My Way (2017); Perfect Wife (2017)

Jung Hae-ra (Shin Se-Kyung) lives here in episode 1 and 2 of Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (흑기사) (KBS2, 2017-18) before she moves in with Moon Soo-ho (Kim Rae-won).

Pop group Asgard, that is trained at Yoon Jin-Myung’s (Han Ye-Ri) company lives here. Jin-Myung visits this place in episode 7 of Age of Youth 2 / Hello, My Twenties! 2 (청춘시대 2) (JTBC, 2017) to get the signed document of Heimdal’s (An Woo-Yeon) contract termination.

This is the house where Ko Dong-Man (Park Seo-Joon) formerly lived. We seat in a flashback in episode 8 of Fight For My Way/Third-Rate My Way (쌈 마이웨이) (KBS2, 2017) and learn that Dong-Man is Choi Ae-Ra’s (Kim Ji-Won) first love. ♡

Koo Jung-Hee (Yoon Sang-Hyun) works as a mover and we see him moving boxes into this house with his colleagues in episode 4 of Perfect Wife/Ms. Wife (완벽한 아내) (KBS2, 2017).

Also seen in episode 1 of Sisyphus: The Myth (시지프스: the myth) (JTBC, 2021).

* * *

This house is located at Guam-gil [구암길] in Seoul’s neighborhood Seonghyeon [Seonghyeon-dong/성현동] — which is itself a neighborhood of Bongcheon [Bongcheon-dong/봉천동]— in the Gwanak District [Gwanak-gu/관악구]. It sits right next to Bok Shil’s House.

93-7 Guam-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 관악구 구암길 93-7
(봉천동 산 101-196)
Geolocation: 37.491269, 126.946671

Getting here
Bongcheon Station [봉천역], Seoul Subway Line 2, Exit 6

— submitted by Marion KDL
Sisyphus: The Myth added by Thom Musni

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  1. Shopping king Louie too

    1. Hi Nina, Many thanks! In fact you are quite right. Shopping King Louis actually lived next door 🙂

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