Taxi Stand Hongik University Daehangno Arts Center Grand Theater

The Liar and His Lover (2017)

This taxi stand was seen in The Liar and His Lover / Lovely Love Lie (그녀는 거짓말을 너무 사랑해) (tvN, 2017) as Jongno 3-ga Bus Stop for blue buses 271, 5-1, 153, red bus 6405 and green bus 7016.

In episode 1, this was where Kang Han-gyeol (Lee Hyun-woo) and Yoon Soo-rim (Joy) “met” for the first time. They were riding the same bus and they both got off at this stop. It was raining. Seeing that Soo-rim was afraid of getting her guitar wet, Han-gyeol handed her his yellow umbrella and ran out in the rain.
In episode 5, Chae Yoona (Hong Seo-Young) saw Han-gyeol at this stop and offered her a ride in her car. Later in the same episode, this stop was seen while Soo-rim was buying the couple phone case for her and Han-gyeol.

* * *

This taxi stand is outside Hongik University Daehangno Art Center Grand Theater [홍익대학교 대학로캠퍼스] along Yulgok-ro int Seoul’s neighborhood Yeongeon [Yeongeon-dong/연건동] —overseen by the administrative neighborhood Ihwa [Ihwa-dong/이화동]— in the Jongno District [Jongno-gu/종로구]. It is close to Popeye’s and right outside the Kocca office that are both located in the university building.

Address Daehangno Art Center
57 Daehak-ro, Yeongeon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울 종로구 대학로 57
(연건동 128-8)
Geolocation taxi stand: 37.576195, 127.001167

Getting here
Hyehwa Station [혜화역], Seoul Subway Line 4, Exit 3

— submitted by We-we
— Photo taken by © Florence, August 2018

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