Hengdian World Studios [横店影视城]

The Empress Ki (2013-14)

Most of the earliest episodes of The Empress Ki (기황후) (MBC, 2013-14) were filmed at the Imperial Palace Building of this film set.

* * *

Hengdian World Studios [横店影视城], opened in 1996, is said to be one of the largest film studios worldwide and also known as ‘Hollywood of the East.’ The studio, run by privately owned Hengdian Group founded by Xu Wenrong, consists of 30 outdoor sets and 130 indoor sets spreading over a total area of up to 330 ha.

The studio is located in the city of Hengdian, in the Zhejiang Province, China.

5828+PQC, Hengdianzhen, Dongyang, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China, 322118
Hengdianzhen, Dongyang, Jinhua, Zhejiang, Kiina, 322118
浙江省金华市东阳市横店镇 邮政编码: 322118
Geolocation: 29.151858, 120.316953

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