Hakrim Dabang [학림다방]

Youth of May (2021); Undercover (2021); Black Knight (2017-18); Because This Is My First Life (2017); My Love from Another Star (2013-14); The Heirs (2013); Unstoppable High Kick (2006-07)

Hwang Hee-tae (Lee Do-hyun) meets his ex-girlfriend Yu-Jin (Kwon Eun-bin) at this Seoul café in episode 1 of Youth of May (오월의 청춘) (KBS2, 2021) and she asks him to get married despite having split up. In episode 8, Lee Soo-ryeon (Geum Sae-rok) comes here on her own after moving to Seoul. Hee-tae and his friend Kim Kyung-soo (Kwon Young-chan) are also seen hanging out here in a flashback in episode 10.

Young Choi Yeon-soo (Han Sun-hwa) introduces young Han Jung-hyun/Lee Suk-kyu (Yeon Woo-jin) to her good friend Min Sang-a (Han Bo-bae) at this café as seen in a flashback in episode 10 of Undercover (Eondeokeobeo/언더커버) (JTBC, 2021).

In 1975, young Park Chul-min confesses his love to Sharon (Seo Ji-hye), requesting if she can wait for him until he turns 25 years old to do his proposal at this café in episode 5 of Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (흑기사) (KBS2, 2017-18). Sharon tells him that she is waiting for someone. Also, she shared her secret about not getting old, and not dying.

This was where Se-hee (Kim Min-ki) and Ji-ho (Jung So-min) came to after their date out at Gyeongui Line Forest Park (경의선숲길공원 / 경의선공원), in episode 12 of Because This Is My First Life/This Life Is Our First (이번 생은 처음이라) (tvN, 2017). It was here that Se-hee gave Ji-ho a pair of earrings as a gift. While trying out her earrings in the washroom, she meets Go Jung-min (Lee Cheong-ah), who helps her with them. Little does Ji-ho know that Jung-min is Se-hee’s ex-fiancee, and that this was where they had broken up more than 10 years ago.

In My Love from Another Star/My Love From The Star/You Who Came From the Stars (별에서 온 그대) (SBS, 2013-14), Do Min-joon (Kim Soo-hyun) meets up here with his lawyer friend Jang Young-mok (Kim Chang-wan) in episode 1 and 10.

Yoon Chang-young’s (Kang Min-hyuk) dad and Rachel Yoo’s (Kim Ji-won) mother both come to this café independently in episode 19 of The Heirs (왕관을 쓰려는 자, 그 무게를 견뎌라 – 상속자들) (SBS, 2013); thinking back to the time when they first met each other here.

This café was also seen in High Kick Through the Roof/Unstoppable High Kick/High Kick! (거침없이 하이킥) (MBC, 2006-07).

Movie Filmed Here

Bungee Jumping of Their Own (번지점프를 하다) (2001)

* * *

Hakrim Dabang [학림다방] is a cafe that has been around since 1956 and as such one of Seoul’s oldest dabangs, or coffee house. It is located along Daehak-ro [대학로] in Seoul’s neighborhood Myeongnyun 3(sam)ga [명륜3가] —administered by the neighborhood of neighborhood Hyehwa [Hyehwa-dong/혜화동] — in the Jongno District [Jongno-gu/종로구].

When it opened, Seoul National University’s College of Liberal Arts was located more or less across the street of this café — at the site of today’s Marronier Park. Its name ‘Hakrim’ is a reminder of these times as it was named after the festival Hakrim (‘학림제/學林祭)’ held at that university. Student activists who were involved in the movement for democratization —linked also to the April Revolution (4.19 혁명), a large 15-days protest in April 1960 against president Syngman Rhee in which 186 people were killed– gathered here, as well as figures in the art world. At that time, the café was nicknamed ‘the 25th lecture room’ of said university (문리대 제25강의실).

2F, 119 Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 종로구 대학로 119
(명륜4가 94-2)
Geolocation: 37.5818924, 127.0016664

Getting here
Hyehwa Station [혜화역], Seoul Subway Line 4, Exit 3
▶ When getting out of the station, turn in the opposite direction of where the exit points to
▶ Walk a little bit and this café will be on your left-hand side.

— submitted by Mich KDL & Marion KDL; last updated 25/11/2021
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