Gyeongjijeon Shrine [경지전/慶基殿]

The King's Affection (2021); The King: Eternal Monarch (2020); My First First Love (2019); Ruler – Master of the Mask (2017); Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (2016); Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010); Painter of the Wind (2008); Goong (2006); Daemang (2002-03)

Gyeongjijeon Shrine [경지전]

Young Jung Ji-un (Ko Woo-rim) chases after young Dam-i (Choi Myung-bin) through a bamboo-lined path in the royal palace to return a piece of laundered clothing that she’d dropped in episode 1 of The King’s Affection/Yeonmo (연모) (KBS2, 2021).

The scene in which the royal family played a royal sport similar to golf in Goong/Princess Hours (궁) (MBC, 2006) was filmed here.

This shrine (or parts of it) has been featured in The Emperor: Owner of the Mask/Ruler – Master of the Mask (군주-가면의 주인) (MBC, 2017); Moonlight Drawn by Clouds/Love in the Moonlight (구르미 그린 달빛) (KBS2, 2016); Sungkyunkwan Scandal (성균관 스캔들) (KBS2, 2010); Painter of the Wind/Garden of the Wind (바람의 화원) (SBS, 2008); Daemang/ Dae Mang/The Great Ambition (대망) (SBS, 2002-2003).

Royal Portrait Museum [어진 초상 박물관]

King Lee Gon (Lee Minho) of the Kingdom Of Corea visits this museum in episode 2 of The King: Eternal Monarch (더킹:영원의 군주) (SBS, 2020), to view the portraits of past Kings, in order to understand the history of the Republic of Korea and to make some sense of where the two worlds separated in time.


Rampant (창궐) (2018)
The Fatal Encounter (역린) (2014)
Masquerade/ Gwanghae: The Man Who Became King (광해 왕이 된 남자) (2012)
Just an Ordinary Love Story (보통의 연애) (2012)
My Way (마이 웨이) (2011)
YMCA Baseball Team (YMCA 야구단) (2002)

CF filmed here

Feel the Rhythm of KOREA: JEONJU (2021) for ‘Imagine your Korea’ by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)

* * *

Gyeongjijeon Shrine [경지전/慶基殿] is a shrine located along Taejo-ro [태조로] in Jeonju Hanok Village [전주 한옥마을], in Jeonju’s neighborhood Jeon-dong [전동] –part of its administrative neighborhood Pungnam [Pungnam-dong/풍남동]— in the Wansan District [Wansan-gu/완산구]; a short walk away from Jeondong Catholic Cathedral [전주전동성당].

Built in 1410, this shrine ––designated Historic Site [대한민국의 사적] No. 339 in September 1991–– houses the mortuary tablet and the only known portrait of King Taejo of Joseon (태조/강헌지인계운성문신무대왕). The temple was partially destroyed during the Imjin War or Japanese invasions of Korea of 1592–1598 and the existing buildings were restored in 1614.

The Royal Portrait Museum [어진박물관], opened in November 2010, is located within the grounds of Gyeonggijeon Shrine. The museum covers two levels and houses original and replica portraits of seven Kings of Korea (King Taejo, King Sejong, King Yeongjo, King Jeongjo, King Cheoljong, King Gojong and King Sunjong) and other historical relics.

44 Taejo-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
전라북도 전주시 완산구 태조로 44
(풍남동3가 102)
Geolocation: 35.815297, 127.149800

Getting here
From Seoul By Bus
Seoul Express Bus Terminal (Central City) [센트럴시티터미널]
➜ Take a bus from here to Jeonju Express Bus Terminal [전주고속버스터미널] (2h40min ride).
➜ Locate the Express Bus Terminal/Jeonju Buddhist Center Bus Stop [고속버스터미널.불교회관 정류장 — no. 30-925] near the terminal
➜ Take bus 79 for 7 stops and alight at the Jeondong Cathedral/Hanok Village Bus Stop [전동성당.한옥마을 정류장 — no. 30-601]. ➜ Walk approx. 100m (5-6 min.) to Gyeonggijeon Shrine via Taejo-ro [태조로] (past the cathedral).

From Seoul By Train
Yongsan Station [용산역],
➜ Take KTX Train to Jeonju Station (1 hr 25 mins).
➜ From here, walk approx. 240m to Jeonju Station Bus Stop [전주역종점 (종점 방면) — no. 31-122]
➜ Take Bus No. 72, 79 (25 mins) and get off at ‘Jeondong Catholic Church-Hanok Village Bus Stop’ [전동성당.한옥마을 정류장 — no. 30-601]
➜ Walk approx. 100m (5-6 min.) to Gyeonggijeon Shrine.

— submitted by Mich & Marion KDL, with Portrait Museum description and directions by sarahms
— Photos taken by © Mich KDL, October 2019
The King: Eternal Monarch added by sarahms

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Admission to the Gyeonggijeon Shrine includes the Portrait Museum. Tickets: Adult – 3,000won --------------------------- OPENING HOUSE MUSEUM Summer (June-August) 09:00-20:00 Winter (November-February) 09:00-18:00 Closed on Mondays