Gyedong-gil [계동길]

Miracle (2022); KBS Drama Special: Oddinary (2021); True Beauty (2020-21); My First First Love (2019); Twelve Nights (2018); Rich Family's Son (2018); Black Knight (2017-18); Temperature of Love (2017); My Golden Life (2017); Goblin (2016-17)

No. 72 — This is where Lee So-rin (Kang Min-ah) lives and where her parents run a shop in Miracle/Milakeul (미라클) (Viu, 2022); as seen in episode 1, when Min Si-woo (Hwiyoung from SF9) comes to meet her in the morning to head to school.

No. 84-3 — A young Kim Jae-hwa (Cha Jung-hyun) stands along the street while watching her mother (Kang Ae-shim) at her snack shop in KBS Drama Special: Oddinary/Ordinary Jae-hwa (보통의 재화) (KBS2, 2021).

No. 122-1 — ‘Pandora Shop’ (which is NIN [닌]) in True Beauty/Yeoshingangrim (여신강림) (tvN, 2020-21) is located on this street.

Yoon Tae-oh (Ji Soo) drops off Ryu Se-hyun (Hong Ji-yoon) in front of Choong Ang High School [중앙고등학교], after which she proceeds to walk down the street in episode 3 of My First First Love/Because It’s My First Love (첫사랑은 처음이라서) (Netflix, 2019).

No. 93 — Han Yoo-kyung (Han Seung-yeon, formerly of Kara) runs down this street to this ‘photo studio'(which is Aya [아야]) in episode 1 of Twelve Nights (열두밤) (Channel A, 2018).

No. 93 — Kim Myeong-ha (Kim Min-gue) waits in a cafe on this street (also Aya) for his exchange student ‘buddy’ Mong-mong (Elkie from CLC) in episode 11 of Rich Family’s Son (부잣집 아들) (MBC, 2018). The street can be seen in the background of the scene.

Moon Soo-ho (Kim Rae-won) walks through this street and discusses his neighborhood project with his secretary in episode 3 of Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (흑기사) (KBS2, 2017-18).

Lee Hyun-soo (Seo Hyun-jin) walks back home on this street in episode 9 of Temperature of Love (사랑의 온도) (SBS, 2017) after her dinner with Park Jung-woo (Kim Jae-wook); and he follows her in his car.

Seo Ji-soo (Seo Eun-su) chases her crush Sun Woo-hyuk (Lee Tae-hwan) here in episode 1 of My Golden Life (황금빛 내 인생) (KBS2, 2017) on her bike.

Other filming locations on this street

No. 72 Connect Gyedong [커넥트계동]
No. 73-1 howany [하우애니]
No. 84-3 Mulnamoo Photo Studio [물나무사진관]
No. 92Jungangtang [중앙탕]
No. 127Luna Touch [달의그림]

Locations in an alley off the main street

Lee Kyu-won’s House
The Place Seoul [곳]

Movie filmed here

This street featured in one of the trailers of The Accidental Detective 2: In Action (탐정: 리턴즈) (2018). The scene was filmed just at the top of the street, outside Choong Ang High School.

MVs Filmed Here

Peakboy (픽보이): ‘Gyopo Hairstyle (교포머리)‘, feat. Wooga Squad [Choi Woo-shik, Park Hyung-sik, Park Seo-jun, V of BTS] & Han Hyun-min (2021) no. 91
IU (아이유): ‘Friday (금요일에 만나요)’, feat. Jang Yi-jeong (장이정) of HISTORY (히스토리) and Jang Ki-yong (2013) – no. 84-3

VARIETY SHOW filmed here

— Episode 5 of  The Sixth Sense/Six Sense 2 [식스센스2] (tvN, 2021) (featuring guest Junho from 2PM)

* * *

Gyedong-gil [계동길] is the central street of Seoul’s neighborhood Gye [Gye-dong/계동] in the Jongno District [Jongno-gu/종로구], which is part of Bukchon Hanok Village [북촌한옥마을].

Geolocation: 37.581294, 126.986765
Geolocation ofTemperature of Love scene: 37.582506, 126.986819
Geolocation of Rich Family’s Son scene: 37.5816198,126.9868047

Getting here
Anguk Station [안국역], Seoul Subway Line 3, Exit 2 or 3
(6 min. walk)

— submitted by Marion KDL, updated by Mich KDL; last updated 25/06/2022
— Photo taken by © Mich KDL, May 2018

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