Guryong Neighborhood Park [구룡근린공원]

Love in Contract (2022); KBS Drama Special: Oddinary (2021); My Roommate Is A Gumiho (2021); How To Be Thirty (2021); True Beauty (2020-21); My Unfamiliar Family (2020); Born Again (2020); Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life (2019); Touch Your Heart (2019); Because This Is My First Life (2017); Dear My Friends (2016); Lucky Romance (2016); Another Miss Oh (2016)

Jung Ji-ho (Ko Gyung-pyo) and Choi Sang-eun (Park Min-young) sit down at this park and he asks her about her relationship with Madame Yoo/Yoo Mi-ho (Jin Kyung) in episode 14 of Love in Contract (월수금화목토) (tvN, 2022). In episode 15, Sang-eun waits here for Ji-ho to get off work.

Kim Jae-hwa (Kwak Sun-young) goes walking along the side of this park when she steps on some chewing gum, and has a dog pee on her leg in KBS Drama Special: Oddinary/Ordinary Jae-hwa (보통의 재화) (KBS2, 2021).

[SPOILER] Gye Seo-woo (Kim Do-yeon of WEKI MEKI) runs into Lee Dan (Choi Woo-sung) along the side of this park in final episode 16 of My Roommate Is A Gumiho/Frightening Cohabitation (간 떨어지는 동거) (tvN, 2021), congratulating him for his gold medal – and informing him that they have begun dating as of that day.

Park Sae-mi (Jeong Hye-won) tries to call Im Ju-kyeong (Moon Ga-young) unsuccessfully while walking with her friends at this park in episode 12 of True Beauty/Yeoshingangrim (여신강림) (tvN, 2020-21).

Kim Ji-woo (Shin Jae-ha) and Yoon Seo-young (Shin Hye-jeong/Hye Jeong from AOA) do a product photo shoot for their company at this park in episode 12 of My Unfamiliar Family ([아는 건 별로 없지만] 가족입니다) (tvN, 2020).

In present time, Kim Soo-hyeok (Lee Soo-hyuk) walks through this park while on the phone with Jung Sa-bin (Jin Se-yun) in episode 5 (full episode 3) of Born Again (본 어게인) (KBS2, 2020).

In episode 13 of Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life (사랑은 뷰티블 인생은 원더풀) (KBS2, 2019-20), Gu Jun-hwi (Kim Jae-young) and Kim Cheong-a (Seol In-a) come here in this park to talk about the repayment contract for the camera that she broke. Cheong-a asks Jun-hwi if he knows someone in the higher ups where she could beg to have the camera paid in installments. She remembers the person who gave fruits basket to Baek Rim which happens to be Chief Secretary Cha Kang-su. Jun-hwi then discovers that his cousin Do Jin-woo (Oh Min-seok) was involved in a car accident.

Oh Yoon-seo (Yoo In-na) cries her heart out at this park at the beginning of episode 14 of Touch Your Heart/Reach of Sincerity (진심이 닿다) (tvN, 2019).

Feeling giddy about when Woo Soo-ji (Esom) showed interest in him, Ma Sang-goo (Park Byung-eun) walks at this park in episode 8 of Because This Is My First Life/This Life Is Our First (이번 생은 처음이라) (tvN, 2017), as he greets everyone he meet and dances as passersby join him in his musical sequence, which was replicated from a scene in the 2009 American film (500) Days of Summer.

Oh Hae-young (Seo Hyun-jin) and her friend Kim Hee-ra (Ha Shi-eun) go here for a walk in episode 13 of Another Miss Oh/Another Oh Hae Young/Oh Hae-young Again (또! 오해영) (tvN, 2016).

Actress Young-won (Park Won-suk) shoots ones of her scenes at this park in episode 5 of Dear My Friends (디어 마이 프렌즈) (tvN, 2016) where she plays as a monster mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law.

Also seen in Lucky Romance (운빨로맨스) (MBC, 2016).

Web Drama Filmed here

Seo Ji-won (Jung In-sun) and Hong A-young (Cha Min-jee) come to this part for a chat in episode 9 of How To Be Thirty/Not Yet 30 (아직낫서른) (Kakao TV, 2021).

* * *

Guryong Neighborhood Park [구룡근린공원] is a triangle-shaped public park located close to the western end of Seoul’s neighborhood Sangam [Sangam-dong/상암동], in the Mapo District [Mapo-gu/마포구].

The centerpiece of this park is the sculpture ‘Millennium Eye’ (밀레니엄 아이) created by artists Lee Bae-gyeong, Yoo Young-ho and Na Jeom-su, and was unveiled to the public on November 9, 2010. With 142 stainless steel balls that reflect their surroundings, this 23 meter-tall sculpture is considered as the symbolic landmark of Digital Media City.

456 Worldcupbuk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 마포구 월드컵북로 456
(상암동 313-3)
Geolocation: 37.582996, 126.883845

Getting here
Susaek Station [수색역], Gyeongui-Jungang Line, Exit 1
(approx. 20 min. walk; best to take a bus/taxi from here)

— submitted by Marion KDL and Chelle, updated by Mich KDL; last updated 04/11/2022
— Photo taken by © Thom Musni, January 2021

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