Gukhoe-daero 76-gil [국회대로76길]

Doctor Cha (2023); Good Job (2022)

No. 10 — After the second round at Feel Karaoke —made to be located at the Christian Baptist Convention Building [기독교침례회총회빌딩] at this number—, the team of Gusan University Hospital dissolves and everyone parts to leave for home in episode 4 of Doctor Cha/Doctor Cha Jung-sook (닥터 차정숙) (JTBC, 2023). Finding herself in a spot (with husband and son being in the group), Cha Jung-sook (Uhm Jung-hwa) asks her colleague Roy Kim (Min Woo-hyuk) if she can have a ride home on this motorcycle.

A completely drunk Don Se-ra (Kwon Yu-ri/Yuri of Girl’s Generation) lies down on the taxi stand in front of this hotel after a team evening out in episode 5 of Good Job (Gutjap/굿잡) (ENA, 2022) and Eun Seon-Woo (Jung Il-woo), who had followed her, decides to bring her home.

Other Locations on this street

No.16 — Kensington Hotel Yoido [켄싱턴호텔 여의도]
No.33 — Central Veterans’ Hall [중앙보훈회관]

* * *

Gukhoe-daero 76-gil [국회대로76길] is a neighborhood street that connects Gukhoe-daero [국회대로] and Yeouido Park [여의도공원] in Seoul’s neighborhood Yeouido [Yeouido-dong/여의동] in the Yeongdeungpo District [Yeongdeungpo-gu/영등포구]. Gukhoe (국회) in the street’s name refers to the National Assembly.

Geolocation: 37.530238, 126.922545

Getting here
National Assembly Station [국회의사당역], Line 9, Exit 1
(8 min. walk)

— submitted by Marion KDL

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