Government Complex Daejeon Station [정부청사역]

Voice 2 (2018)

This is the subway station in which the first case of Kwang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha-na)’s crime unit ‘Golden Time Team’ takes place in episode 1 of Voice Season 2 / Voice 2 (보이스 2) (OCN, 2018). Thinking that he’s being badmouthed by people around him, schizophrenia patient Kang Du-won takes a train’s commuters hostage and threatens to bomb the station. The police, along with the Golden Time Team, tries their best to rescue the hostages.

* * *

While this subway station was known as ‘Samsu station’ in Voice 2, this is actually the Government Complex Daejeon Station [정부청사역] in real life. Opened in 2006, this station on Daejeon Subway Line 1 serves, among others, the Government Complex of Daejeon [정부대전청사]. The station is located in Daejeon’s neighborhood of Dunsan [Dunsan-dong/둔산동], in the Seo District [Seo-gu/서구].

In Voice 2, Exit 2 was briefly seen. Also, though the station had a fictional name in the show, the real-life names of the station before and after it (City Hall – 시청 and Galma – 갈마) were retained.

1375 Dunsan-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon
대전 서구 둔산동 1375
(대전 서구 대덕대로 270)
Geolocation Station: 36.357469, 127.381192
Exit 2: 36.357175, 127.380854

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Government Complex Daejeon Station [정부청사역]

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