Gallery White Block [화이트블럭]

Radio Romance (2018); Misty (2018); I'm Not A Robot (2017-18); Two Cops (2017-18); Revolutionary Life (2017); Meloholic (2017); Avengers Social Club (2017); While You Were Sleeping (2017); Suspicious Partner (2017); Perfect Wife (2017); Introverted Boss (2017); Legend of the Blue Sea (2016-17); On the Way to the Airport (2016); Mrs. Cop 2 (2016); Fantastic (2016); Doctors (2016); Bubblegum (2015), Plus Nine Boys (2014); The Equator Man (2012); Can't Lose (2011)

In episode 7-8 of Radio Romance (라디오 로맨스) (KBS2, 2018), this building appears as the gallery that Nam Joo-Ha (Oh Hyun-Kyung), Ji Soo-Ho’s (Yoon Doo-Joon) mother will open soon. Soo-ho (in episode 7) and Lee Gang (Yoon Park) (in episode 8) come here to Joo-ha and either express their intentions or to make sure about her intentions.
Kang Tae-Wook (Ji Jin-Hee) meets up with his mother here in episode 5 of Misty (미스티) (JTBC, 2018). She wants to persuade him to finally separate from his wife while he only has ears for two men at a table behind him who gossip about his wife. He goes and hits one of them and leaves the café while deciding he will stand beside his wife.
Hong Baek Kyoon (Uhm Ki Joon) has a business meeting here in episode 10 of I’m Not A Robot (로봇이 아니야) (MBC, 2017-18) to find funding for the Santa Maria Team.
Cha Dong-Tak (Cho Jung-Seok) tracks down a conman here in episode 1 of Two Cops (투깝스) (MBC, 2017-18).
Everybody meets up here to make plans for an afternoon together in episode 14 of Revolutionary Love (변혁의 사랑) (tvN, 2017).
Han Ye-Ri (Kyung Soo-Jin) wakes up in a bed that is part of (as it looks like) an art installation that is hosted in this venue in episode 2 of Meloholic/Melo Holic (멜로홀릭) (OCN, 2017). And she can’t remember how she got here.
This is where the Buamdong Social Avengers Club is founded in episode 1 of Avengers Social Club (부암동 복수자들) (tvN, 2017) and it becomes their headquarters. The gallery of Kim Jung-Hye’s (Lee Yo-Won) sister where both of them meet two times (once in episode 12) is the art gallery in the 2F of this place.
Nam Hong-Joo (Bae Suzy) and Jung Jae-Chan (Lee Jong-Suk) meet up here in episode 12 of While You Were Sleeping (2017) (당신이 잠든 사이에) (SBS, 2017) to match their dreams.
Eun Bong-Hee (Nam Ji-Hyun) looks through job offers here in episode 8 of Suspicious Partner (2017). In the same time, Noh Ji Wook’s (Ji Chang Wook) ex-girlfriend Cha Yoo Jung (Kwon Nara) eats here and sees how some people steal the computer form the table next to hers. She stops them with some high-kicks and Bong-hee helps her out for the last in the bunch. This is how both of them meet.
In Introverted Boss (2017), Eun Hwan-Ki (Yeon Woo-Jin) practices with his secretary Chae Ji-Hye (Han Chae-Ah) how to go on a date here in episode 5. It is also the place where he is supposed to meet is crush later in the same episode – but everything works out differently. In episode 13, Chae Ro-Woon (Park Hye-Soo) comes here for an exhibition and meets Kang Woo-Il (Yoon Park). In Perfect Wife (2017) this becomes also a meeting place in episode 2. But this time all about affairs. Sim Jae-Bok (Ko So-Young) meets the woman her husband has an affair with – Jung Na-Mi (Im Se-Mi) and her two best friends are there to back her up. Everything get’s messed up when one of her friends gets aggressed by the wife of the man she’s having an affair with.
This is where the broker shares investment tips with some rich ajummas in episode 9 of Legend of the Blue Sea (2016-17) — all part of the trio’s new scam.
This is also where Choi Soo-Ah (Kim Ha-Neul) and Seo Do-Woo (Lee Sang-Yoon) meet at 2pm after Soo-Ah broke up with her husband in episode 16 of On the Way to the Airport (2016). They both decide at that moment to keep their relation a text-message relationship for the time being.
This gallery appears as ‘Attirance Gallery’ twice in episode 11 of Mrs Cop 2 (미세스 캅 2) (SBS, 2016) as a place of Lee Ro-Joon’s (Kim Beom) schemings.
In Fantastic (판타스틱) (JTBC, 2016), it’s at the café of Gallery White Block where Lee So-Hye (Kim Hyun-Joo) and Hong Sang-Hwa (Yoon Ji-Won) meet to talk drama scripts and where So-Hye tells Sang-Hwa that she has cancer in episode 10.
Hong Ji-Hong (Kim Rae-Won) meets the school’s principal in episode 3 of Doctors (2016) in the Gallery’s cafe.

Also seen in Plus Nine Boys (2014, episode 2 and 3); Bubblegum (2015, episode 6); The Equator Man (적도의 남자) (KBS2, 2012) and Can’t Lose (지고는 못살아) (MBC, 2011).

— Solo exhibition Cha, Myung Hi “Toward the Forest [숲으로 가다]”, September 16th – November 12th, 2017 (as seen in Avengers Social Club)
— Exhibition 의미의 패턴 (Patterns of Meaning); August 1 – October 12, 2014 (as seen in Plus Nine Boys)
— Exhibition Fiskars Design Village: New and Classics; October 29, 2015 until January 24, 2016 (as seen in Bubblegum)

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Gallery White Block / White Block Art Center [화이트블럭] is located in Heyri Art Village [헤이리 예술마을], Paju [파주시].

Adress: 72 Heyrimaeul-gil, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 파주시 탄현면 헤이리마을길 72
(탄현면 법흥리 1652-238)
Geolocation: 37.788922, 126.699404
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