Ewha Womans University [이화여자대학교]

Love Alarm (2019); Winter Sonata (2002-03)

Kim Jo-jo (Kim So-hyun) and Lee Hye-young (Jung Ga-ram) meet again after four years while studying independently at this university’s Auditorium [이화여자대학교 대강당] —appearing here as its library— on Christmas Eve, in episode 6 of Love Alarm (좋아하면 울리는) (Netflix, 2019). The next day, Hye-young reserves a seat and buys coffee for her. When Jo-jo asks him why he is doing this, he lets her know that he is hitting on her ‘the old school way’. Later, Hwang Sun-oh (Song Kang) finds out that Jo-jo studies at this library and comes here —their first encounter after four years too— to tell her to leave Hye-young alone.

Also seen in episode 5 of Winter Sonata (겨울 연가/겨울연가) (KBS2, 2002-03).

Movie Filmed Here

The Main Gate of this university [이화여자대학교 정문] is seen in Declaration of Idiot/Declaration of Fools (바보선언) (1985).

Variety Show Filmed Here

Trip #209 of Season 3’s episodes 127-129 of 2 Days & 1 Night/1 Night 2 Days/1N2D [1박2일] (KBS2,2016-Season 3) was an Ewha Womans University Special.

* * *

Ewha Womans University [이화여자대학교], established in 1886 as Ewha Girls School, became a private women’s university in 1945. Situated in Seoul’s neighborhood Bukahyeon [Bukahyeon-dong/북아현동] in the Seodaemun District [Seodaemun-gu/서대문구], the university — founded by Methodist Episcopal Church missionary Mary F. Scranton under Emperor Gojong (고종) — counts among the most prestigious universities in South Korea.

A collection of buildings of this university is one of the 380 traditional and modern-contemporary buildings in Seoul that were selected for the The Seoul Architectural Guide (2013, page 192-95).

Ewha University Street [이화여대길] is located just opposite it.

52 Ewhayeodae-gil, Bukahyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울 서대문구 이화여대길 52
(대현동 11-1)
Geolocation: 37.561329, 126.945020

Getting here
Ewha Womans University Station [이대역], Seoul Subway Line 2, Exit 2
(18 min. walk)

— submitted by Thom Musni, with details by Marion KDL; last updated 09/04/2022
— Photo taken by © Thom Musni, August 2019

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