Eulsukdo Island [을숙도]

Life on Mars (2018); Just Between Lovers (2017-18); Money Flower (2017)

Jung Yoo-Taek (Tae In-Ho) brings Ma-Ri (Yoon Se-Ah) here to watch migratory birds in episode 13 of Just Between Lovers/Rain or Shine (그냥 사랑하는 사이) (JTBC, 2017-18). He tells how he was the chairman of the Bird Research Society at his school and starts to explain Ma-ri all different birds until she tells him that what is important to know is that they will come back; making reference to their relationship.

Na Mo-hyun (Park Se-young) works as a tour guide at the bird sanctuary in episode 1 of Money Flower (돈꽃) (MBC, 2017-18) and Kang Pil-joo (Jang Hyuk) takes a tour.

Also seen in Life on Mars (라이프 온 마스) (OCN, 2018).

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Eulsukdo Island [을숙도] is a delta island located east of Busan’s city center. It is best known for watching migratory birds and hosts over 150 species of birds —snipes, waterfowls, swans, white-tailed eagles, white-naped cranes and blackfaced spoonbills cranes among others— between October and March, hence The Eulsukdo Island Nakdonggang Bird Sanctuary [을숙도철새공원] is situated in this island and was designated Natural Monument No.179 on July 13, 1966. For birds watching it is however suggested to approach the island by boat.

Eulsukdo Island is located in Busan’s neighborhood Hadan [Hadan-dong/하단동] in the Saha District [Saha-gu/사하구].

1207 Hadan-dong, Saha-gu, Busan
부산 사하구 하단동 1207
Geolocation: 35.106620, 128.943089

Getting here
Hadan Station [하단역], Busan Subway Line 1, Exit 3 or 4

— submitted by Monica & Marion KDL

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