Eoulmadang Street [어울마당로]

Just Dance (2018-19); The Third Charm (2018); Your House Helper (2018); Why Secretary Kim (2018); My Golden Life (2017-18); Jugglers (2017-2018); Because This Is My First Life (2017); Age of Youth 2 (2017)

Kim Si-eun (Park Se-wan) comes here with her then-boyfriend Lee Tae-sun (Yeon Jae-hyeong) when visiting him in episode 1 of Just Dance (땐뽀걸즈) (KBS2, 2018-19).

After running into each other at a wedding venue, Lee Young-jae (E-som) and Choi Ho-chul (Min Woo-hyuk) take a walk here in episode 7 of The Third Charm / The 3rd Charm (제3의 매력) (JTBC, 2018). They talk about his past marriage briefly, and buy ice-cream from a food truck. Later, they stop to listen to a busker singing ‘Come What May’ from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, and Ho-chul tells her that he was supposed to sing that song for his then wife-to-be at their wedding, but was embarrassed to in the end. In episode 7, Ho-chul calls Young-jae to the same spot that they watched the busker, and sings ‘Come What May’, saying after that he had practiced it just for her.

Park Ga-ram’s (Yeon Jun-suk) band ‘Real Garam’ plays here in final episode 32 of Your House Helper (당신의 하우스헬퍼) (KBS2, 2018) and Han So-mi (Seo Eun-ah), president of the band’s fan club comes to cheer him on.

Kim Mi-so (Park Min-young) meets her blind date, Park Byeong-heon (Park Byeong-eun) on this street in episode 3 of Why Secretary Kim/What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (김비서가 왜 그럴까) (tvN, 2018). The area is likely to be in the vicinity of where the Because This Is My First Life scene took place.

Sun Woo-hyuk (Lee Tae-hwan) and Seo Ji-soo (Seo Eun-su) come here on their first date in episode 39 of My Golden Life (황금빛 내 인생) (KBS2, 2017-18).

It was also briefly seen that Jwa Yun-i (Baek Jin-hee) had a date here with her ex-boyfriend (Sung Joon) in episode 1 of Jugglers (저글러스) (KBS2, 2017-2018).

Yoon Ji-ho (Jung So-min) and Nam Se-hee (Lee Min-ki) walk down this street on their date in episode 12 of Because This Is My First Life/This Life Is Our First (이번 생은 처음이라) (tvN, 2017). The area that the music performance by MeloMance took place was between this street and Wausan-ro 35 gil (와우산로 35길).

This street was also seen in Age of Youth 2/Hello, My Twenties! 2 (청춘시대 2) (JTBC, 2017)

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Eoulmadang Street [어울마당로] is a popular walking street in Seoul’s neighbourhood Seogyo-dong [서교동], that makes up parts of Hongdae [홍대] in the Mapo District [Mapo-gu/마포구]. The scene in Jugglers was filmed near Myth Jokbal [미쓰족발 홍대본점]. The Mapo Tourist Information [마포관광정보센터] is also located on this street.

Eoulmadang-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 마포구 어울마당로
(서울특별시 마포구 동교동)

BTIMFL: 37.555902, 126.924397 (look out for no. 130 and the 7-Eleven – just after crossing the street after Churro 101)
Jugglers: 37.555531, 126.92375
Just Dance: 37.556383, 126.925896
My Golden Life: 37.556154, 126.924731 (start) and they get their sweets at the Hongdae Branch of Churro 101 [츄로101 홍대본점] (appearing as ‘Churros’ in the drama) a little further down the street at no. 128.
The Third Charm food truck: 37.5564765,126.9266717 (approx.; near Burger 4.5 and Ediya Coffee)
The Third Charm busking: 37.5567994,126.9270749 (approx. ; opposite Cupasteak)
Why Secretary Kim: 37.5567118,126.9242799 (may be around ‘조개이야기’)
Your House Helper: 37.556546, 126.926409

Getting here
Hongik University Station [홍대입구역], Line 2, exit 9.

This street is a short walk from the station. Instead of turning right towards the usual walking street, turn left. Myth Jokbal will be on your left. Head further down towards Girin Building (기린빌딩 – no. 130) and you’ll have the approximate location of the BTIMFL location 1. The MeloMance performance area in BTIMFL is towards the end of the street; look out for the following shops: no. 72: 홍대큰언니집 (Hongdae Big Sister’s House), no 75: Butanchu (豚人/부탄츄), no 71: Geumya Izakaya (今夜/금야). Note that the shops are not numbered in order.

— submitted by Mich KDL
My Golden Life added by Marion KDL
— Photos taken by © Mich KDL, May 2018

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