Duksung Women’s University (DSWU) [덕성여자대학교]

When My Love Blooms (2020); KBS Drama Special: The Expiration Date of You and Me (2018); The Beauty Inside (2018); Let's Eat 3 (2018); Rich Man (2018); Meloholic (2018); Go Back Couple (2017); Goblin (2016-17); Let's Fight Ghost (2016)

This is the interior of Yonhui University —the exterior being here— where Yoon Ji-soo (Jeon So-nee), Han Jae-hyun (Jin-young of GOT7) and their friends study at in the 1990s of When My Love Blooms/The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (화양연화 – 삶이 꽃이 되는 순간) (tvN, 2020) — as seen, for instance, in episode 5. In episode 13, Ji-soo and Jae-hyun meet for a study session at the library but leave prematurely as Ji-soo develops a fever.

Han Se-kye (Seo Hyun-jin) has an audition for a movie at this university in episode 5 of The Beauty Inside / Byooti Insaideu (뷰티 인사이드) (JTBC, 2018). When she gets out of the building and sees Seo Do-jae (Lee Min-ki) waiting for her with a flower bouquet, she runs into his arms.

When driving back home after a chance run-in with Lee Ji-woo (Baek Jin-hee), Koo Dae-young (Yoon Doo-joon of Highlight) thinks back to his first day at university in 2004 in episode 1 of Let’s Eat 3 (식샤를 합시다 3) (tvN, 2018).

This university appears as ‘Hanguk University’ in episode 1 of Go Back Couple/Go Back Spouses/Confession Couple (고백부부) (KBS2, 2017), which Choi Ban-do (Son Ho-jun) and Ma Jin-joo (Jang Na-ra) attended and which they attend again after time-travelling back to the year 1999.

It is at the Duksung Women’s University Library [덕성여자대학교 도서관] that Ji Eun-tak (Kim Go-eun) tries out her theory that she can call the Goblin/Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) with a candle-blowing app on her phone in episode 1 of Goblin/Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (쓸쓸하고 찬란하神 – 도깨비) (tvN, 2016-17) — and he shows up directly.

Also seen in KBS Drama Special: The Expiration Date of You and Me/The Time Left Between Us (너와 나의 유효기간) (KBS2, 2018); Rich Man (리치맨) (MBN/Dramax, 2018); Meloholic/Melo Holic (멜로홀릭) (OCN, 2017); Let’s Fight Ghost/Bring it on, Ghost (싸우자 귀신아) (tvN, 2016), episode 10 of Reply 1988 (응답하라 1988) (tvN, 2015-16).

Movie Filmed Here

Samjin Company English Class (삼진그룹 영어토익반) (2020)

* * *

Duksung Women’s University (DSWU) [덕성여자대학교] is a private university founded first as a school in 1920 by Cha Mirisa (차미리사, 1880-1955), leader of the Joseon Women’s Education Society. First named Geunhwa Academy — thus carrying Korea’s national flower in its name — this educational institution had to change its name to Duksung under the Japanese colonial rule in 1938.

In 1950, Duksung officially became a college, and established itself on the site of the former Unhyeongung Royal Residence [운현궁]. In 1984, the main campus was moved to its present location in Seoul’s neighborhood Ssangmun [Ssangmun-dong/쌍문동] in the Dobong District [Dobong-gu/도봉구]. Three years later, in 1987, it became a university. The continuing education center (known as the Jongno Campus — 종로캠퍼스) is, however, still located at the former campus, at Unhyeongung Yanggwan [운현궁 양관] on the site of the Unhyeongung Royal Residence.

In 2013, Duksung Women’s University Library [덕성여자대학교 도서관], a red-brick building built in 1984, was designated Seoul’s Future Heritage (서울미래유산) given out since 2012 by the city’s government.
This university celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2020.

According to the university’s Namu Wiki page, the ‘law campus’ seen in When My Love Blooms is actually the Humanities and Social Sciences building (인문사회관).

Instagram: @duksung_stagram.official

33 Samyang-ro 144-gil, Dobong-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 도봉구 삼양로144길 33
(쌍문동 419)
Geolocation: 37.652459, 127.015814

Getting here
Ssangmun Station, Seoul Subway Line 1, Exit 3
(Best to take a bus/taxi from here)

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