Dongyaloo Villas — Yangpyeong Cheonggye Hwadamjae [동야루별장 양평청계화담재]

Ex-Girlfriends' Club (2015); Cunning Single Lady (2014); Shark (2013); Empire of Gold (2013); TEN 2 (2013); Home Sweet Hme (2010); Bad Guy (2010); The Snow Queen (2006-07); Spring Waltz (2006); Green Rose (2005)

Everybody involved in the making of the film goes to this villa for a retreat in episodes 5-6 of Ex-Girlfriends’ Club/Ex-Girlfriend Club (구여친클럽) (tvN, 2015) — and Kim Soo-jin (Song Ji-hyo) and Bang Myeong-soo (Byun Yo-han) have to keep up their lie that they are dating.

Na Ae-ra (Lee Min-jung) is inited by her crush on a weekend trip to this villa in episode 1 of Cunning Single Lady/Sly and Single Again (앙큼한 돌싱녀) (MBC, 2014). [Spoiler] But what she hadn’t expected is that her crush actually has a girlfriend (who already awaits him at this villa) and had promised the owner of this villa to bring a potential girlfriend with him.

Oh Joon-young (Ha Seok-jin) and Jo Hae-woo (Son Ye-jin) go to her family’s country home in episode 4 of Shark/Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus (상어) (KBS2, 2013), where she wakes up refreshed with Joon-young on her bedside. That same day, her grandfather Jo Sang-gook (Lee Jung-gil) also comes here together with a very special guest he has invited over: Yi-soo/Jun Yoshimura/Han Yi-soo (Kim Nam-gil).

Jang Tae-joo (Go Soo) has a meeting at this venue with Congressman Kim Gwang-se (Lee Won-jae) in episode 1 of Empire of Gold (황금의 제국) (SBS, 2013) trying to prevent the politician to hands him over to the prosecutor’s office. The conversation in presence of Yoon Seol-hee (Jang Shin-young), a complice of Tae-joo, gets out of hand and ends with Tae-Too stabbing the congressman.

This appears as the Hong’s family ‘vacation home in Yangpyeong’ in episode 10 of Bad Guy/Bad Man/Bad Boy (나쁜남자/Nappeun namja) (MBC, 2010) to which heart-broken Hong Mo-ne (Jung So-min) flees and gets picked up by Driver Kang. A little later, Geon-ok (Kim Nam-gil) and feverish Hong Te-ra (Oh Yeon-su) arrive at this house — all planned out by Geon-ok — and he nurses her fever during the night.

The murder in episode 4 of TEN 2/ Special Affairs Team TEN 2 (특수사건전담반 TEN 2) (OCN, 2013) takes place at this villa; appearing as the addicts’ hideout.

The Kim family lived here when the children were small and kept this house as a vacation house after their move to Seoul in The Snow Queen (눈의 여왕) (KBS2, 2006-07). The family members come here from time to time to reminiscent their late brother and son Kim Jeong-kyu (Lee Sun-ho).

Also seen in episode 16 of Home Sweet Home (즐거운나의집) (MBC, 2010); Spring Waltz (봄의 왈츠) (KBS2, 2006); Green Rose (그린로즈) (SBS, 2005).

Movies Filmed Here

Two Weddings and A Funeral (두번의 결혼식과 한번의 장례식) (2012)
— Lee Byung-hun jumps out of the window on the second floor in I Saw the Devil (악마를 보았다) (2010).

Variety Show Filmed Here

Gold Miss Is Coming (골드미스가 간다)

* * *

Yangpyeong Cheonggye Hwadamjae [동야루별장 양평청계화담재] —also known as Cheonggye Wellbeing Dongyaloo [청계웰빙동야루] as of April 2021— is a pension that has been run by luxury villa management company Dongyaloo Villas since 2004, located in the village of Seohu [Seohu-ri/서후리] in Yangpyeong County’s Seojung Township [Seojong-myeon/서종면].

Over the course of its existence, the pension has gone by many names. It has been known as Dongyaloo Yangsuri Villas [동야루 양수리 별장], Yangsuri Forest Lodge [양수리 숲속별장], Yangsuri Villa [양수리 별장], Dongyaru Villa Star Palace [동야루별장 스타펠리스]. It was apparently first run by Baeksan Engineering & Construction as one of 10 exchange homes in South Korea (including houses in Pyeongchang and Jeju), along with Hainan Island Express Resort in China.

For The Snow Queen, artistic director Lee Jin-ho (이진호) explains that she used purple and gold for the drama’s color scheme because gold symbolizes wealthy families and purple was Kim Bo-ra’s main color.

175-16 Seojeong-ro, Seojong-myeon, Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
경기도 양평군 서종면 서정로 175-16
(서후리 73-10)
Geolocation: 37.586163, 127.426720

— submitted by Marion KDL

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