Dongtan Global High School [동탄국제고등학교]

Itaewon Class (2020); Class of Lies (2019); Search: WWW (2019); A-Teen 2 (2019); SKY Castle (2018-19); Lookout (2017); The Heirs (2013); To the Beautiful You (2012)

Appearing as ‘Yonggak High School’ in Itaewon Class (이태원 클라쓰) (JTBC, 2020), this is the school that Jo Yi-seo (Kim Da-Mi) has attended – as seen in episode 3.

This high school appears as ‘Chunmyung High School’ in Class of Lies /Mr. Temporary/Undercover Teacher (미스터 기간제) (OCN, 2019) at which lawyer Gi Moo-hyeok (Yoon Kyun-sang) goes undercover as a school teacher for a murder case — as seen in episode 1.

In a flashback in episode 5 of  Search: WWW/Type in Search Word: WWW (검색어를 입력하세요: WWW) (tvN, 2019), Cha Hyeon (Lee Da-hee) recalls how she met Song Ga-gyeong (Jeon Hye-jin), while they were both students at Namil Girls’ High School.

This appears as Seoyeon High School in A-Teen 2/Eighteen (에이틴 2) (Playlist Studio, 2019), and also as the elite Shinha High School which all the Sky Castle neighborhood kids attend in SKY Castle (SKY 캐슬) (JTBC, 2018-19) — as seen in episode 7 and 9. (Fun fact: Kim Dong-hee stars in both series.)

The student who killed Jo Soo-ji’s (Lee Si-young) daughter goes to this school and in episode 4 of Lookout/The Guardians/Catcher (Pasuggun/파수꾼) (MBC, 2017), Soo-ji comes here to take revenge.

This school appears as Empire aka Jeguk High School in The Heirs (상속자들) (SBS, 2013).

In To The Beautiful You/For You In Full Blossom (아름다운 그대에게) (SBS, 2012), Koo Jae-hee (Sulli) faked that this was the high school she goes to when her brother came to visit in episode 4. Here, it is an all-girl high school and the uniforms are also totally different from the ones in The Heirs.

* * *

Dongtan Global High School [동탄국제고등학교] is a high school located in Hwaseong’s neighborhood Bansong [Bansong-dong/반송동].

27 Dongtannaru-ro, Bansong-dong, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
경기 화성시 동탄나루로 27
(반송동 203)
Geolocation: 37.188939, 127.078352

Getting here
Seodongtan Station [서동탄역], Seoul Subway Line 1, Exit 1 or 2
(Best take bus or taxi from here)

— submitted by Marion KDL
A-Teen 2, Search: WWW added by Mich KDL

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  1. It’s so good and this is my fav school in Korea I love it!❤️

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