Dongjak Bridge [동작대교/銅雀大橋]

Kokdu: Season of Deity (2023); Strangers Again (2023); Curtain Call (2022); Today's Webtoon (2022); It's Beautiful Now (2022); Why Her (2022); Woori the Virgin (2022); Love All Play (2022); Business Proposal (2022); Tomorrow (2022); Melancholia (2021); KBS Drama Special: Be;twin (2021); My Roommate Is A Gumiho (2021); Move To Heaven (2021); Vincenzo (2021); The Penthouse S2 (2021); Oh My Ladylord (2021); Navillera (2021); Hello, Me! (2021); Lovestruck in the City (2020-21, S1); Kairos (2020); Start-Up (2020); Extracurricular (2020); When I Was The Most Beautiful (2020); Do You Like Brahms? (2020); Men Are Men (2020); When My Love Blooms (2020); Find Me In Your Memory (2020); Never Twice (2019); Graceful Family (2019); When The Devil Calls Your Name (2019); The Great Show (2019); Investigation Couple 2 (2019); Search: WWW (2019); Her Private Life (2019); My First First Love (2019); My Fellow Citizens! (2019); Doctor Prisoner (2019); Fates and Furies (2018-19); Encounter (2018-19); Just Dance (2018-19); My Only One (2018-19); Twelve Nights (2018); The Beauty Inside (2018); The Third Charm (2018); Hide and Seek (2018); Matrimonial Chaos (2018); Jugglers (2017-18); Black (2017); Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo (2017); Radiant Office (2017); W-Two Worlds (2016); I Have a Love (2015-16); Pinocchio (2014-15); Nine: 9 Times Time Travel (2013); Mary Stayed Out All Night (2010); My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010); Boys Over Flowers (2009); When It’s At Night (2008); Time Between Dog And Wolf (2007); Beautiful Days (2001)

A troubled Han Gye-jeol (Im Soo-hyang) walks across this bridge in episode 1 of Kokdu: Season of Deity (Kkokduui Gyejeol/꼭두의 계절) (MBC, 2023).

Oh Ha-ra (Kang So-ra) and Goo Eun-beom (Jang Seung-jo) have a heart-to-heart talk in his car on the Dongjak Bridge Public Parking Lot in front of former Café Noeul in episode 4 of in Strangers Again/Can We Be Strangers (남이 될 수 있을까) (ENA, 2023) after she has found out [Spoiler] that he never had an affair (reason for their divorce).

Jeong Sang-cheol (Sung Dong-il) drives Ja Geum-soon (Go Doo-shim) and her grandson Ri Moon-sung (Noh Sang-hyun) across this bridge to watch Yoo Jae-heon’s (Kang Ha-neul) theater show ‘Curtain Call’ in final episode 16 of Curtain Call (커튼콜/Keoteunkol) (KBS2, 2022).

On Ma-eum (Kim Se-jeong) and Goo Jun-yeong (Nam Yoon-soo) take a subway back home that crosses this bridge in episode 2 of Today’s Webtoon (Oneurui weptun/오늘의 웹툰) (SBS, 2022) and she tells him how a wish just came true as she always dreamed of having a job where she could go home while looking at the sunset over the Han River. He just remarks how simple her dreams are.

A distressed Lee Soo-jae (Seo Bum-june) walks down this bridge at night in episode 25 of It’s Beautiful Now/Now Is Beautiful/It’s Beautiful Right Now (현재는 아름다워) (KBS2, 2022) and when he sees the SOS Crisis telephone he doesn’t hesitate and dials the number.

Law professor Baek Jin-ki (Kim Chang-wan) is crosses this bridge in a taxi in episode 7 of Why Her/Why Oh Soo-jae (Wae Osujaeinga/왜 오수재인가) (SBS, 2022).

Raphael (Sung Hoon) drives across this bridge on his way to work in episode 1 of Woori the Virgin/We Start Today/From Now On (SBS, 2022).

When running her own marathon through Banpo Hangang Park [반포한강공원], Park Tae-yang (Park Ju-hyun) makes a halt underneath the southern part of this bridge in episode 2 of Love All Play / The Speed Going to You 493km (너에게 가는 속도 493km) (KBS2, 2022). In episode 5, Park Tae-yang (Park Ju-hyun) and her father Park Man-soo (Jeon Bae-su) drive over this bridge after having negotiated a contract with head coach (Kim Hee-chang) of rivaling Somang Bank Badminton Team. [Spoiler] When her father starts ranting about how bad the condition of the contract are, she stops the car and tells him that she will sign no matter what.

While driving over this bridge after their meeting with Jin Young-seo’s (Seol In-ah) father (Lee Ki-young), Young-seo discovers an engagement ring in the glove compartment of Cha Sung-hoon’s (Kim Min-gue) car in episode 11 of Business Proposal/A Business Proposal/Sanaematsun (사내맞선) (SBS/Netflix, 2022). [SPOILER] When she asks him to marry her on a whim, he immediately stops his car, gets out and proposes to her on this bridge.

A devastated Choi Jun-woong (Kim Seok-woo/Rowoon of SF9) comes to this bridge and while trying to savee a person who came here to take his life, they both fall into the Han River togetherin episode 1 of Tomorrow (Naeil/내일/來日) (MBC, 2022). All of this is witnessed by the angels of death Gu Ryeon (Kim Hee-sun) and Lim Ryung Gu (Yoon Ji-on).

Baek Seung-yoo (Lee Do-hyun) and Ji Yoon-su (Im Soo-jung) ride across this bridge on his motorbike in episode 10 of Melancholia (멜랑꼴리아) (tvN, 2021).

This bridge is seen in the opening scenes of KBS Drama Special: Be;twin (비트윈) (KBS2, 2021).

This bridge is seen in the city scenes in episode 1 of My Roommate Is A Gumiho/Frightening Cohabitation  (간 떨어지는 동거) (tvN, 2021).

Yoon Na-moo (Hong Seung-hee) trails Jo Sang-koo (Lee Je-hoon) in a taxi across this bridge in episode 4 of Move To Heaven/Move To Heaven: I Am a Person Who Arranges Articles Left by Deceased (무브 투 헤븐: 나는 유품정리사입니다) (Netflix, 2021).

Jang Han-seok (Ok Taec-yeon from 2PM) speaks to Choi Myung-hee (Kim Yeo-jin) from this bridge in final episode 20 of Vincenzo (빈센조) (tvN/Netflix, 2021).

Oh Yoon-hee (Eugene) walks along parallel to this bridge in episode 12 of Penthouse 2/The Penthouse: War in Life Season 2 (펜트하우스 2) (SBS, 2021).

Han Bi-soo (Lee Min-ki) drives overs this bridge in episode 9 of Oh My Ladylord/Oh! Master (오! 주인님) (MBC, 2021)

When Lee Chae-rok (Song Kang) walks over this bridge in episode 1 of Navillera/Like A Butterfly (나빌레라) (tvN, 2021) his phone reminds him that his father gets released from prison that day.

Ban Ha-Ni (hoi Gang-Hee) walks down this bridge in episode 3 of Hello, Me!/안녕? 나야! (KBS2, 2021) and loan shark Jo Nam-kwon (Jo Kyoung-hoon) ‘saves’ her thinking she is about to make a mistake.

Park Jae-Won (Ji Chang-Wook) walks on this bridge when doing an interview on what he would do when running into his ex by coincidence in episode 9 of Lovestruck in the City (도시남녀의 사랑법) — Series 1: City Couple’s Way of Love (KakaoTV/Netflix, 2020-21).

A devastated Kang Hyun-chae (Nam Gyu-ri) stands on this bridge in episode 1 of Kairos (카이로스) (MBC, 2020) and when Kim Seo-jin (Shin Sung-rok) calls her, she apologizes and tells him that she cannot continue like this. Later, So-jin is in company of police officers in search of his wife and breaks down on the bridge afterwards.

Nam Do-san (Nam Joo-hyuk) drives Seo Dal-mi (Bae Suzy) across this bridge, followed by Han Ji-pyeong (Kim Seon-ho) in a taxi (as Do-san’s driving his car) in episode 3 of Start-Up (스타트업) (tvN/Netflix, 2020).

When Seo Hwan (Ji Soo) drives Oh Ye-ji (Im Soo-hyang) over this bridge in his brother’s car in episode 8 of When I Was The Most Beautiful/When I Was The Prettiest (내가 가장 예뻤을때) (MBC, 2020), he makes a sudden halt close to Cafe Gureum [구름카페] after their conversation gets more and more heated and asks for her to have a bit of understanding for his heartbrokenness.

The bus that Park Joon-young (Kim Min-jae) takes back home in episode 4 of Do You Like Brahms? (브람스를 좋아하세요) (SBS, 2020) drives over this bridge.

Seo Hyun-joo (Hwang Jung-eum) accompanies a tipsy Hwang Ji-woo (Yoon Hyun-min) in a taxi that passes this bridge in episode 4 of Men are Men / To All The Guys That Loved Me / That Guy Is The Guy (그놈이 그놈이다) (KBS2, 2020).

Han Jae-hyun (Yoo Ji-tae) drives across this bridge in episode 1 of When My Love Blooms/The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (화양연화 – 삶이 꽃이 되는 순간) (tvN, 2020), while on the way to his son’s school.

The train Oh Ji-soo (Kim Dong-hee) takes at the end of episode 1 of Extracurricular (Ingansueop/인간수업) (Netflix, 2020) crosses this bridge.

En route from visiting Moon Sung-ho (Joo Suk-tae) at the penitentiary, Lee Jung-hoon (Kim Dong-wook) steps out of the car at this bridge to take a breather, and to call Yeo Ha-jin (Moon Ga-young) in episode 18 (full episode 9) of Find Me in Your Memory (그 남자의 기억법) (MBC, 2020).

Choi Man-Ho (Jung Suk-Yong) and Yang Geum-Hee (Ko Su-Hee) decide on this bridge to not look back anymore and enjoy life from now on in episode 4 of Never Twice/No Second Chances (두번은 없다) (MBC, 2019).

Head of TOP, Han Je-kook (Bae Jong-ok) drove over this bridge after what is retrospectively TOP’s first mission as seen in a flashback in episode 2 of Graceful Family/Elegant Family (우아한 가) (MBN, 2019).

Seen briefly in a flashback scene featuring Ha-rib (Jung Kyoung-ho), in episode 1 of When The Devil Calls Your Name (악마가 너의 이름을 부를 때) (tvN, 2019).

Wi Dae-han (Song Seung-heon) prostrates himself across walkway of this bridge as part of his ‘mourning march’ to pay respects to his late father, in episode 1 of The Great Show/Widaehan Sho (위대한 쇼) (tvN, 2019).

Jang Cheol (No Min-woo) walking along the side of this bridge in episode 11 (full episode 6) of Partners for Justice 2/Investigation Couple 2 (검법남녀 2) (MBC, 2019), and stops to throw a cell phone into the river.

Bae Ta-mi (Im Soo-jung) comes here in episode 1 of Search: WWW/Type in Search Word: WWW (검색어를 입력하세요: WWW) (tvN, 2019) intending to end her life, but chickens out in the end after realising how far she would have to fall. In episode 10, Ta-mi and Ellie (Oh A-yeon) share a taxi that crosses this bridge, and they have their own heart-to-heart as it does so.

Nam Eun-ki (Ahn Bo-hyun) comes here to think as his friendship and feelings for Sung Deok-mi (Park Min-young) weighs on his mind, in episode 14 of Her Private Life (그녀의 사생활) (tvN, 2019).

After deciding to date, Yoon Tae-oh (Ji Soo) and Ryu Se-hyun (Hong Ji-yoon) cross this bridge on his scooter to give her a lift home in episode 6 of My First First Love/Because It’s My First Love (첫사랑은 처음이라서) (Netflix, 2019).

This can be seen in the background when Yang Jung-guk (Choi Si-won) and Charles (Yang Dong-geun) go on a morning jog in episode 19 of My Fellow Citizens!/Fellow Citizens (국민 여러분!) (KBS2, 2019).

Dr Na Yi-jae (Namgoong Min) drives across this bridge en route to West Seoul Prison in episode 2 (full episode 1) of Doctor Prisoner (닥터 프리즈너) (KBS2, 2019), when he receives a call from Oh Jung-hee (Kim Jung-nan).

This bridge appears right at the beginning of episode 4 of Fates & Furies/Fates and Furies (운명과 분노) (SBS, 2018-19).

In episode 15 of Encounter/Boyfriend (남자친구) (tvN, 2018-19), Cha Soo-hyun (Song Hye-kyo) walks alone on this bridge after breaking up with Kim Jin-hyeok (Park Bo-gum), not caring what Kim would think about her and pausing for a moment looking down the river overlooking the restaurant The River. (Geolocation: 37.506370, 126.980849)

Kim Si-eun (Park Se-wan) crosses this bridge in a train on her way to see her then-boyfriend Lee Tae-sun (Yeon Jae-hyeong) in episode 5 of Just Dance (땐뽀걸즈) (KBS2, 2018-19).

After learning that her parents are not her biological parents and being thrown out of the house by her ‘mother’, devastated Kim Do-ran (Kim Yoo-Jin/Uee of former After School) coms to this bridge in episode 5 of My Only Love/My Only One (하나뿐인 내편) (KBS2, 2018-19) and imagines her dad to be on her side and talking with her.

Han Yoo-kyung (Han Seung-yeon, formerly of Kara) comes to this bridge in episode 2 of Twelve Nights (열두밤) (Channel A, 2018) to take a photo of the sunrise from here early in the morning of the third day of her short 4-days stay in Seoul in 2010.

Han Se-gye in changed form (cameo by Kim Min-suk) and Seo Do-jae (Lee Min-ki) cross this bridge in his car in episode 6 of The Beauty Inside / Byooti Insaideu (뷰티 인사이드) (JTBC, 2018) after he has picked ‘her’ up at the police station. She is angry at him and he briefly stops the car at one end of this bridge and they talk it out.

On Joon-young (Seo Kang-joon) and Lee Young-jae (E-som) cross this bridge in episode 6 of The Third Charm / The 3rd Charm (제3의 매력) (JTBC, 2018), after the hair show and on the way to the post-show celebration. Young-jae’s in a good mood and Joon-young (Seo Kang-joon) tries to keep up appearances despite witnessing what happened with Choi Ho-chul (Min Woo-hyuk). When they cross the bridge again later in the episode, they have a tiff and Young-jae asks him to pull over by the side of the road. She gets out to walk, and he follows after her but stops himself from doing so.

After being dropped off here by Moon Jae-sang (Lee Young-min) after leaving the wedding venue (and given some harsh ‘life advice’ by him), dejected bride Ha Yeon-joo (Uhm Hyun-kyung) attempts to jump off the bridge in episode 9 of Hide and Seek (숨바꼭질) (MBC, 2018). Jae-sang spots her in the rear view mirror and turns back to stop her.

Jo Seok-moo (Cha Tae-hyun) crosses this bridge in episode 1 of Matrimonial Chaos/The Best Divorce (최고의 이혼) (KBS2, 2018) on his way to visit a work client.

In episode 1 of Jugglers (저글러스) (KBS2, 2017-2018), it is on this bridge that we have our first glimpse of young YB director Hwangbo Yul (Lee Won-geun), who rides to work on his motorcycle. Nam Chi-won (Choi Daniel) sits at one end of this bridge in episode 8, reflecting on the realisation that Jwa Yun-i (Baek Jin-hee) may have broken his trust.

Black (Song Seung-Heon) and Kang Ha-Ram (Go Ara) cross this bridge in episode 1 of Black (블랙) (OCN, 2017) by car when he brings her back home. Ha-ram sees a black shadow behind somebody that is about to commit suicide in jumping from the bridge. Black doesn’t believe her. But on his way back, when crossing this bridge again, he see the person jump.

After teleporting to 2017 in episode 9 of Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo/Deserving of the Name (명불허전) (tvN, 2017), Heo Im (Kim Nam-gil) walks on this bridge and swears to himself that will never get insulted or be humiliated in his life ever again; thinking this he throws away his acupuncture needle set.

Sun Ho-won (Go Ah-sung) walks pass the Sunset Café [노을카페] at the southern end of this bridge —just opposite Cafe Gureum [구름카페]— in episode 1 of Radiant Office (자체발광 오피스) (MBC, 2017) after she has received her 100th job rejection. She tinkers with suicide and finally falls into the river. She wakes up in a hospital where she meets Do Ki-Taek (Lee Dong Hwi) and Jang Kang-Ho (Hoya). All three decide to end their lives (for real) and come here.

This bridge was seen in a panorama shot in episode 11 of W Two Worlds (더블유) (MBC, 2016).

Do Hae-gang (Kim Hyun-joo) leaves her twin’s mother Kim Gyu-nam (Kim Cheong) behind on this bridge in episode 1 of I Have A Lover/Identical Affairs (애인있어요) (SBS, 2015-16).

Choi Dal-po (Lee Jong-suk) stops his taxi in front of the Sunset Café [노을카페] at the southern end of this bridge —just opposite Cafe Gureum [구름카페]— in Pinocchio (피노키오) (SBS, 2014-15) and wants to talk reason with Choi In-ha’s (Park Shin-hye) mum. In the end he swears to become a wolf and come back at her.

Mei-ri/Mary’s (Moon Geun-Young) father is crossing this bridge in a taxi, notices that he hasn’t enough fare and gets out on the bridge in episode 1 of Mary Stayed Out All Night/Marry Me, Mary! (메리는외박중) (KBS2, 2010) and attempt half-heartedly to kill himself.

The bus Cha Dae-woong (Lee Seung-gi) and Gu Mi-ho/Park Seon-ju (Shin Min-ah) take in episode 6 of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho/My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox (내 여자친구는 구미호) (SBS, 2010) drives over this bridge.

Song Woo-bin (Kim Joon) makes a stop at this bridge in episode 18 of Boys Over Flowers/Boys Before Flowers (꽃보다 남자) (KBS2, 2009) and reminisces the moment when he doubted the F4 friendship and So Yi-jeong (Kim Bum) talked reason into him.

Part of the CHA team drives over this bridge in episode 16 of When It’s At Night/Night After Night (밤이면 밤마다) (MBC, 2008).

Lee Sun-Jae (Ryu Si-Won) crosses this bridge on his motorbike in episode 9 of Beautiful Days (아름다운 날들) (SBS, 2001).

Also seen in Nine: 9 Times Time Travel (나인: 아홉 번의 시간여행) (tvN, 2013); Time Between Dog And Wolf (개와 늑대의 시간) (MBC, 2007).

Movie filmed here

Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP (미스터 주: 사라진 VIP) (2020)
First Kiss/Shall We Kiss? (Kiss harggayo/키스할까요?) (1998) — Han Kyoung-hyun’s (Ahn Jae-wook) car breaks down on this bridge.

MVs filmed here

iKON (아이콘): ‘Goodbye Road (이별길)‘ (2018)
Lee Hi (이하이): ‘Breathe‘ (2016)

Variety show filmed here

— Episode 15 of reality dating show Heart Signal 3 (하트시그널 시즌3) (Channel A, 2020 – Source)

* * *

Dongjak Bridge/Dongjakdaegyo [동작대교/銅雀大橋] is the 11th bridge of the 27 bridges that crosses Seoul’s Han River. Completed and opened in November 1984, this blue truss bridge carries road traffic and Seoul Subway Line 4. It is located in Seoul’s neighborhood Ichon [Ichon-dong/이촌동] in the Yongsan District [Yongsan-gu/용산구]; with its Southern end directly connecting to Seoul National Cemetery [국립서울현충원].

In 2010, two cafés were opened on the southern end of this bridge as part of the Hangang Renaissance Project, which included to establish 8 cafés along the Han River: Cafe Gureum [구름카페] and Café Noeul/Sunset [노을카페/동작노을카페]. Both cafés were closed in 2020 and became Ministop – Dongjak Bridge Branch [미니스톱 동작대교점](also housing Dongjak Cloud Cafe [동작구름카페]) —for Café Gureum— and Ministop – Dongjak Bridge Branch 2 [미니스톱 동작대교2점] — for Café Noeul.

This bridge was selected in 2012 as one of 100 regular filming locations for movies and dramas by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Film Council, and featured in the brochure The Places In Seoul Cinema Fell in Love With (영화가 사랑한 서울 촬영지 100선).

Geolocation: 37.511391, 126.981985

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