Dongan Bridge [동안교]

KBS Drama Special: The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work (2020)

When walking along this street/bridge together in KBS Drama Special: The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work/The Joys and Sorrows of Work (일의 기쁨과 슬픔) (KBS2, 2020), Kim An-na (Go Won-hee) suggests to Lee Ji-hye (Kang Mal-geum) that they should cross an overpass; however, they realise that the ‘overpass’ merely gets them from one end of the bridge to the other. As they laugh over the oddness of the situation, they pause to admire the park scenery that the bridge overlooks.

* * *

Dongan Bridge/Dongangyo [동안교] crosses Pangyoyeok-ro [판교역로] in Seongnam’s neighborhood Sampyeong [Sampyeong-dong/삼평동] in the Bundang District [Bundang-gu/분당구]. It is not to be confused with the similarly named Dongan Overpass [동안육교], which is further down from this bridge, and can even been seen from it. NCsoft Headquarters [엔씨소프트 R&D센터] is located along the street/bridge.

When walking along this 72-meter long and 35.4-meter wide bridge, passers-by can choose to walk straight on; or, if they had “a little more strength in their legs, or a little more time“, they could opt to cross over an ‘overpass’ to get from one end to the other. This overpass, which could also be considered an ‘observatory’ as this person puts it, also offers views of the nearby Pangyo Techno Park Park [판교테크노파크공원]. In their 2012 blogpost, architect firm DesignGroupOZ considers this to be “a powerful and definite solution to such a complex problem” — the ‘problem’ possibly being the kind of experience that can be created for a ‘three-dimensional walking environment’.

Geolocation (approx.): 37.398284, 127.109629

Getting here
Pangyo Station [판교역 (판교테크노벨리)], Shinbundang Line / Gyeonggang Line, Exit 1
(14 min. walk)

— submitted by Mich KDL; last updated 18/10/2021

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