Dong-gu Children’s Traffic Safety Park [동구 어린이 교통공원]

Memorials (2020)

“I cross the road here,” Goo Se-ra (Im Jin-a/Nana from After School) quirkily says to Seo Gong-myeong (Park Sung-hoon), as they watch kiddy drivers make their way across the road in this park, in episode 8 (full episode 4) of Memorials/Into the Ring /The Ballot (출사표) (KBS2, 2020). It is here that she finds out that Mawon-gu is in deficit, and may not be able to pay their staff, or council members. Later in the episode’s epilogue, Gong-myeong tries to explain to Se-ra how big of a deal her decision at the council will be, to which she reminds him that her only goal since entering office was to earn a lot of money.

* * *

Dong-gu Children’s Traffic Safety Park [동구어린이교통공원] is, as its name suggests, a place for kids to learn about traffic safety, with replicas of traffic signs, streets, and even overpasses. Located in Incheon’s neighborhood Songnim [Songnim-dong/송림동] in the Dong District [Dong-gu/동구], this is one of two traffic safety parks found in Incheon — the other being in Gyeyang.

297-2, Songnim-dong, Dong-gu, Incheon, South Korea
인천광역시 인천 동구 송림동 297-2
Geolocation: 37.478016, 126.669682

Getting here
Juan National Industrial Complex (Incheon J Valley) Station [주안국가산단], Incheon Subway Line 2, Exit 2
(19 min. walk; 9 mins. by public transport; 3 mins. by taxi)

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