Digital Media City Station [디지털미디어시티역]

My Only One (2018-19); Closer To Uijeongbu Than Sadang S3 (2018); Something in the Rain (2018)

Kim Mi-ran (Na Hye-mi) and her mother So Yang-ja (Lim Ye-jin) run away from loan sharks in through the station in episode 16 of My Only Love/My Only One (하나뿐인 내편) (KBS2, 2018-19) and catch a train in the last minute.

Yoon Jin-a (Son Ye-jin) insists on taking the subway home in episode 7 of Something in the Rain/Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food/Pretty Sister Who Treats Me to Meals (밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나) (JTBC, 2018); even though Seo Joon-hee (Jung Hae-in) offered to drive her. So he brings her to Exit 2 of this station and after saying goodbye, he comes after her to lend her his phone (as hers broke during the sexual assault by her ex-boyfriend). Jin-a is back here alone in episode 13 waiting for her train, thinking back to the moment in episode 7.

Web Drama filmed here

Han Sa-rang (Kim Chae-eun) and PD Woo Jung-woo (Mu Jin-seong) sit in the platform area of this subway station in episode 8 of web drama Closer to Uijeongbu than Sadang/Between Love and Friendship/Always a Boy Friend, Never a Boyfriend S3 (사당보다 먼 의정부보다 가까운 시즌3) (Why Not, 2018). He gives her a pair of earrings to go with her necklace, and watches as she puts them on. As she struggles, he reaches over to help her, and she thinks about kissing him. In the episode epilogue, Jung-woo sits alone in the platform and looks at a photograph of Sa-rang. Later, he dashes off, assumably to be by her side.

* * *

Digital Media City Station [디지털미디어시티역], is a subway station on Seoul Subway Line 6 (opened in 2000), the Gyeongui–Jungang Line (opened in 2009) and the AREX (Airport Express Train) (opened in 2010). It is the gateway to Seoul’s neighbourhood of Sangam-dong (상암동) in the Mapo District [Mapo-gu/마포구].

The Pantech Building [팬택빌딩] (Seongam-ro No. 179) and the DMC Tower [디엠씨타워/DMC타워] (Seongam-ro No. 189) sit right outside this station and are often seen in Something in the Rain in-between scenes to transit to workplace scenes at the Coffee Bay Headquarters as, for instance, in episode 10.

Geolocation: 37.577511, 126.897789
Geolocation of Exit 2: 37.575334, 126.899989

Getting here
Digital Media City Station [디지털미디어시티역], Seoul Subway Line 6 /AREX, Exit 2

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  1. My Only One

    The chase scene in My Only One, episode 16 happened in this location.

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Subway Station Line 6 No.: 618 Subway Station Gyeongui–Jungang Line No.: K316 Subway Station AREX no. A04