Dankook University (Jukjeon campus) [단국대학교 죽전캠퍼스]

The Great Seducer (2018)

Architecture student Eun Tae-hee (Joy), Ko Kyung-joo (Jeong Ha-dam), and Choi Soo-ji (Mun Ka-young) attend this university in The Great Seducer/Tempted (위대한 유혹자) (MBC, 2018). We see them at this campus in episodes 9 and 14.

* * *

The Jukjeon campus of Dankook University [단국대학교 죽전캠퍼스] is located in the neighborhood of Jukjeon-dong [죽전동] in the Suji district [Suji-gu/수지구] of Yongin city [용인시]. It takes a little over an hour to get here by public transport from Seoul.

Address: 152 Jukjeon-ro, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기 용인시 수지구 죽전로 152
(죽전동 산 44-1)
Geolocation of staircase: 37.321251, 127.126335
Geolocation of fountain: 37.322292, 127.125959

Getting here: Jukjeon Station [죽전역], Bundang Line, Exit 2
There are apparently shuttle buses that run between this station and the university; however, you may need to check if you can also hop on these buses as a visitor.

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