Conrad Hotel Seoul [콘래드호텔]

Kokdu: Season of Deity (2023); The Fabulous (2022); Behind Every Star (2022); The Golden Spoon (2022); Business Proposal (2022); Thirty-Nine (2022); Inspector Koo (2021); One The Woman (2021); Human Disqualification (2021); The Devil Judge (2021); Vincenzo (2021); Sell Your Haunted House (2021); The Penthouse S2 (2021); Get Revenge (2020-21); Start-Up (2020); Backstreet Rookie (2020); Kkondae Intern (2020); Train (2020); It's Okay to Not Be Okay (2020); Itaewon Class (2020); Secret Boutique (2019); Mother Of Mine (2019); Perfume (2019); My Fellow Citizens! (2019); The Last Empress (2018-19); Are You Human? (2018); Miss Hammurabi (2018); Radio Romance (2018); Woman of Dignity (2017); Revolutionary Love (2017); Introverted Boss (2017); Lucky Romance (2016); Discovery of Love (2014); Cunning Single Lady (2014); That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013); Shark (2013)

Jung-soo (Park Byung-eun) and Kyung-eun (Kim Hyo-jin) – who buys cake – meet up at this hotel in episode 7 of Lost/Human Disqualification (Ingansilgyeok/인간실격) (JTBC, 2021).

The exterior of this hotel is briefly seen as the headquarters of the MINBO group in episode 7 of The Devil Judge (악마판사) (tvN, 2021).

It is to this hotel that Kim Hyun-sung (Jung Eui-jae) brings drugged Kang Hae-ra (Kim Sa-rang) to create evidence that he has an affair with her by order of her husband Lee Hoon-seok (Jung Wook) in episode 1 of Get Revenge/Revenge/The Goddess of Revenge (Boksuhaera/복수해라) (TV Chosun, 2020-21). In episodes 1-2 –in a flash back– Goo Eun-hye (Yoon So-yi) installs a hidden camera in Hoon-seok’s room (that he shares with his lover Kim Tae-on (Yoo-Sun) and Hae-ra will use some of the filmed scenes to start her revenge V-channel.

Im Ba-reun (L from Infinite) goes here to attend a wedding in episode 9 of Ms. Hammurabi/Miss Hammurabi (미스 함무라비) (JTBC, 2018) and he runs into Min Yong-joon (Lee Tae-sung) to whom’s family this hotel belongs.

The press conference for Ji Soo-ho’s (Yoon Doo-joon) new drama in episode 1 of Radio Romance (라디오 로맨스) (KBS2, 2018) takes place at this hotel. It is also at this hotel, where radio DJ and idol Kang Minu (cameo by U-Kwon) is partying with friends in the penthouse suite instead of doing his radio show and Song Geu-rim (Kim So-hyun) comes here to convince him to do his job. This is also how Soo-ho and Geu-rim meet in the elevator when she tries to get drunk Minu out of the hotel to the radio station. Also, Soo-ho’s mother’s birthday dinner takes place at the restaurant Atrio of this hotel in the same episode.

Lee Myung-ho (Kim Young-hoon) comes here to meet Jo Moo-cheol (Kim Tae-woo) in his search for Oh Soo (Jo In-sung) in episode 5 of That Winter, The Wind Blows (그 겨울, 바람이 분다) (SBS, 2013).

Jo Hae-woo’s (Son Ye-jin) and Oh Joon-young’s (Ha Seok-jin) post-wedding party takes place at this hotel in episode 3 of Shark (상어) (KBS2, 2013) with a quick visit by Detective Byun Bang-jin (Park Won-sang) and Han Yi-hyun (Nam Bo-ra) —which stirs up unpleasant memories for Hae-woo— and an attendance by Joon Yoshimura (Kim Nam-gil).

Also seen in Lucky Romance (운빨로맨스) (MBC, 2016).

Penthouse suite/presidential suite

The general director of Method Entertainment, Matthew (Lee Seo-jin), lives here with his wife Song Eun-ha (Jung Hye-young) and son Go Eun-gyul (Shin Hyun-seung) in Behind Every Star/Method Ent. (연예인 매니저로 살아남기) (tvN/Netflix, 2022) — a seen, for instance, in episode 4.

K/Song Yi-kyung (Kim Hye-jun) and Ahn Gun-wook (Lee Hong-nae) put up at the Conrad Suite of this hotel in episode 11 of Inspector Koo/Koo Kyung-yi (Gu Gyeong-i/구경이) (JTBC/Netflix, 2021).

Vincenzo Cassano/Park Ju-hyeong (Song Joong-ki) calls Jang Joon-woo/Jang Han-seok (Ok Taec-yeon from 2PM) from this room in episode 17 of Vincenzo (빈센조) (tvN/Netflix, 2021), telling him that the ‘game of chess’ has just gotten started. Later, he and Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-bin), watches a situation unfold remotely from this room.

Oh In-beom (Jung Yong-hwa of CNBLUE) and Heo Ji-chul (Kang Hong-suk) rent the penthouse room to have a drink together in episode 1 of Sell Your Haunted House (대박부동산) (KBS, 2021) and the next morning they relax at the hotel’s pool.

Cheon Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon) stays in this hotel room while in New York in episode 1 of Penthouse 2/The Penthouse: War in Life Season 2 (펜트하우스 2) (SBS, 2021) and where Ha Yoon-cheol (Yoon Jong-hoon) carries her up to after encountering her tipsy self at a staircase.

This is seen as Han Ji-pyeong’s (Kim Seon-ho) apartment in episode 1 of Start-Up (스타트업) (tvN/Netflix, 2020).

Ko Moon-young (Seo Ye-ji) is seen staying at this room in episode 1 of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (사이코지만 괜찮아) (tvN, 2020).

Namgoong Joon-soo (Park Ki-woong), Lee Tae-ri (Han Ji-eun), and Joo Yoon-soo (Ro Jong-hyun) put up here in episode 15 (full episode 8) of Kkondae Intern/Old School Intern (꼰대인턴) (MBC, 2020).

This is seen as the apartment of Dr. Suk Min-joon (Choi Seung-yoon) in episode 9 of Train (트레인) (OCN, 2020).

Park Sae-ro-yi (Park Seo-joon) and his right hand man Lee Ho-jin (David Lee) meet up with Kang Min-jung (Kim Hye-eun) here in an attempt to join camps with her in episode 7 of Itaewon Class (이태원 클라쓰) (JTBC, 2020).

Hanjeong Group chairwoman Lee Sun-young (special cameo by Yoo Sun) is given the use of this suite as a private room to view the ongoing Tifone jewellery auction in episodes 15/16 (full episode 8) of VIP/V.I.P. (브이아이피/Beuiaipi) (SBS, 2019). While she is there, an unauthorised person posing as a hotel staff member enters the room, and Na Jung-sun (Jang Na-ra), who was also in the room, realises this and chases after him.

It is at this hotel that Jenny Jang (Kim Sun-A) takes a bath in episode 1 of Secret Boutique (시크릿 부티크) (SBS, 2019) after having been released from prison and to prepare herself for DEO Group’s dinner party. It is at the Conrad Spa [콘래드 서울 콘래드 스파], that Wi Ye-nam (Park Hee-von) meets up with Oh Tae-suk (Joo Suk-tae) in episode 3 (full episode 2).

Kang Mi-ri (Kim So-yeon) and Han Tae-joo (Hong Jong-hyun) spend the night at this hotel after their wedding in full episode 31 of Mother of Mine/My Prettiest Daughter in the World (세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸) (KBS2, 2019).

Seo E-do (Shin Sung-rok) wakes up in a start after having a dream in episode 2 (full episode 1) of Perfume/Peopyoom (퍼퓸) (KBS2, 2019). Shortly after, he calls his assistant Park Joon-yong (Kim Ki-doo) and hangs up in frustration. In episode 19 (full episode 10), E-do stays at this hotel again, asks model Son Mi-yoo (Hye-jeong of AOA) to come by and makes her apologize. In episode 22/23 (full episode 11/12), Susung Electronics’ event is held at a ballroom in this hotel.

Yang Jung-guk (Choi Si-won) tricks two members of opposing political parties into coming together at room 702 of the ‘Washington Hotel’, to form a consensus about the supplementary budget, in episode 33 of My Fellow Citizens!/Fellow Citizens (국민 여러분!) (KBS2, 2019). Han Sang-jin (Tae In-ho) stands outside the door of the room (seen as 3613) to prevent anyone from leaving.

Seo Kang-hee (Yoon So-yi) meets up with the prime minister (Ko Se-won) in one of the rooms of this hotel in episode 40 of The Last Empress/Empress’s Dignity (황후의 품격) (SBS, 2018-19) to plan Kang-hee’s daughter’s ascension to the throne. Their exchange is filmed by Queen Oh Ssu-ni (Jang Na-Ra) and she uses it later to pressure the prime minister to change his direction.

After having a meeting with his doctor for a check-up on his dementia, chairman Nam Gun-Ho (Park Young-Gyu) rests in a room in this hotel in the presence of robot Nam Shin III (Seo Kang-Joon) in episode 28 of Are You Human?/Are You Human Too (너도 인간이니?) (KBS2, 2018). This is when Nam Shin III learns that his ‘grandfather’ knows that he is a robot.

Na Ae-ra (Lee Min-jung), accomnpanied by Kook Seung-hyun (Seo Kang-joon), has an appointment with this CEO of this hotel at the hotel’s lobby (appearing as ‘Tongil Shilla Hotel’) in episode 12 of Cunning Single Lady/Sly and Single Again (앙큼한 돌싱녀) (MBC, 2014) and he offers her a job.

Kim Hyo-Joo (Lee Hee-Jin) stays in the penthouse room in episode 20 of Woman of Dignity (품위있는 그녀) (JTBC, 2017).

Also seen in episode 15 of The Golden Spoon (Geumsujeo/금수저) (MBC, 2022).

Atrio [아트리오]

Floor 2

Kang Yo-Han (Ji Sung) invites fellow judges Kim Ga-on (Jin Young of GOT7) and Oh Jin-joo (Kim Jae-kyung) for dinner at this Italian restaurant after their first trial in episode 2 of The Devil Judge (악마판사) (tvN, 2021).


Floor 6

This appears as the Yumin Group HQ board room in One The Woman (원 더 우먼) (SBS, 2021) — as seen in episode 3, when representatives from Hanju Group attend a shareholders meeting, and in episode 4 when Jo Yeon-joo (as Kang Mi-na) attends a meeting as well.

Jang Geun-soo (Kim Dong-hee) sells his business proposal to the top management of Jang Ga Group in this board room in episode 13 of Itaewon Class (이태원 클라쓰) (JTBC, 2020).

Pulse 8 [펄스8]

Floor 8

Choi Dae-hyun (Ji Chang-wook) has a rendezvous at this hotel with his girlfriend in episode 1 of Backstreet Rookie/Convenience Store Saet-byul (편의점 샛별이) (SBS, 2020). While he thinks it is a romantic date, he finds himself at the gym for a (not so romantic) joint workout session.

Seo Do-won (Yoon Si-yoon) and Han Seo-kyung (Kyung Soo-jin) come to this gym (seen as ‘VCT Athletic Club’) in episode 7 of Train (트레인) (OCN, 2020) to check out the locker owned by Lee Sung-wook (Choi Yeob), where they find the murder weapon and jewelry belonging to Seo-kyung’s mother.

Han Tae-joo (Hong Jong-hyun) teaches swimming at this pool in Mother of Mine/My Prettiest Daughter in the World (세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸) (KBS2, 2019), as seen in full episode 1.

Eun Hwan-Ki (Yeon Woo-Jin) takes a swim here in episode 1 of Introverted Boss/My Shy Boss/Sensitive Boss (내성적인 보스) (tvN, 2017).

Byun Hyuk (Choi Si-Won) goes swimming at the hotel’s pool in episode 1 of Revolutionary Love (변혁의 사랑) (tvN, 2017). He sees his (ex) girl-friend, runs after her, has lost his locker keys and quickly changes into pool worker clothes to follow her.

37GRILL & BAR [37그릴&바]

Floor 37/37층

Han Gye-jeol (Im Soo-hyang) and Do Jin-woo (Kim Jung-hyun) meet up at this restaurant in episode 1 of Kokdu: Season of Deity (Kkokduui Gyejeol/꼭두의 계절) (MBC, 2023) and he asks her for a favor.

Shin Ha-ri (Kim Se-jong) stands in for her best friend Jin Young-seo (Seol Jin-a) on a blind date at this restaurant in episode 1 of Business Proposal/A Business Proposal/Sanaematsun (사내맞선) (SBS/Netflix, 2022) and [SPOILER] has to find out that the blind date is no other than her boss Kang Tae-mu (Ahn Hyo-seop).

It is at this restaurant that Cha Mi-jo (Son Ye-jin) waits in episodes 1-2 of Thirty-Nine (Seoreun, Ahop/서른, 아홉) (JTBC, 2022) to meet the doctor who will run her company while she takes time off. To the surprise of both of them, it is Kim Seon-woo (Yeon Woo-jin) who joins her at her table.

Also seen in episode 5 of The Fabulous (Deo Paebyulleoseu/더 패뷸러스) (Netflix, 2022).

C-Lounge [씨라운지]

As seen in Discovery of Love/Discovery of Romance (연애의 발견) (KBS2, 2014).

Movie filmed here

— Collectors/Tomb Theft (도굴) (2020) – penthouse suite

VARIETY SHOW filmed here

The 5 Jun 2019 episode of YouTube series Wassup Man [와썹맨] (Lululala, 2018-present) was filmed here, where host Joon Park (from G.O.D) interviewed the cast of Dark Phoenix at this hotel’s penthouse suite.

* * *

Conrad Hotel Seoul [콘래드호텔], opened on November 12 2012, is a 37-floor high five-star hotel – the first of the luxury brand of Hilton Worldwide to open in South Korea – connected to the complex IFC Seoul [IFC서울]. The hotel, located in Seoul’s neighborhood Yeouido [Yeouido-dong/여의도동] in the Yeongdeungpo District [Yeongdeungpo-gu/영등포구]. Parc.1 [파크원] is just across the road from it.

Pulse 8 [펄스8] is the hotel’s private fitness center located on the 8th floor, which comes with a gym, a sauna, and a swimming pool, among other facilities.

This hotel is featured as a recommended hotel in the 2022 Forbes Travel Guide.

10 Gukjegeumyung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 영등포구 국제금융로 10
(여의도동 23-1)
Geolocation: 37.525497, 126.926808

Getting Here
Yeouido Station [여의도역], Seoul Subway Line 5 or 9, Exit 3
(5 min. walk)

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  1. This is also shown on “Its Okay to Not Be Okay” EP1. I knew this space looked familiar from start up! Cool to see it’s a hotel that’s been featured in many dramas.

    1. thanks Kayla! we’ve added it to the list 🙂 and yes – always interesting to see how popular certain locations are within the year! Conrad is most certainly the hotel of 2020.

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