Changgyeonggung Palace [창경궁]

Kingdom (S1, 2019); Empress Myeongseong (2001-02); Taejo Wang Geon (2000-02)

Inside the palace

The external shots of this palace, along with neighboring Changdeokgung Palace (both referred to as the “East Palaces” (동궐)), represented the royal palace of Silla in Taejo Wang Geon/Emperor Wang Geon (태조 왕건) (KBS1, 2000-02) — as seen, for instance, in episode 8.

Myeongjeongjeon Throne Hall [명정전]

This hall was seen in Empress Myeongseong/The Last Empress (명성황후) (KBS2, 2001-02); Taejo Wang Geon/Emperor Wang Geon (태조 왕건) (KBS1, 2000-02).

Tongmyeongjeon Hall [통명전]

This hall appears as the Queen Consort’s private quarters in Kingdom (킹덤/Kingdeom) (Netflix, 2019 — Season 1).


— At the end of Our Sunhi (우리 선희) (2013), it is at this palace that Choi Dong-hyun (Kim Sang-jung), Jae-Hak (Jung Jae-young), Kim Moon-soo (Lee Sun-kyun) come to realise that they were all pursuing the same woman, Wui Sun-hee (Jung Yu-mi).
Untold Scandal (스캔들:조선남녀상열지사) (2003)
— In Chunhyang (춘향뎐) (2000), the palace was used for Lee Mong-ryong (Jo Seung-woo)’s civil service exam scenes.

Variety show filmed here

— Episode 15 of reality dating show Heart Signal 3 (하트시그널 시즌3) (Channel A, 2020 – Source) – Grand Greenhouse [창경궁 대온실]

* * *

Changgyeonggung Palace [창경궁] is one of Seoul’s ‘five grand palaces’ with an ‘outstanding universal value’ according to the UNESCO. Built in 1418, it is a direct neighbor to Changdeokgung Palace [창덕궁] with which it shared the royal garden area, usually referred to as Huwon [후원/後苑/Rear Garden] or Biwon [비원/秘院/Secret Garden].

It was King Sejong the Great (세종대왕) who ordered this palace to be erected for his father, Taejong of Joseon (태종). Renovated and enlarged in 1483 by King Seongjong of Joseon (성종), it was afterwards destroyed twice during Japanese invasions of Korea. It was first burnt down in the 1590s and then reconstructed in 1616 to serve since then as the main seat of the Joseon dynasty for 250 years. It was again destroyed under the Japanese colonial rule (1910-1945) during which it was turned into a zoo and botanical garden, which was moved to Seoul Grand Park [서울대공원] in 1983.

Some of the palace’s noteworthy features, according to Lonely Planet, are its Myeongjeongjeon throne hall, “the oldest surviving hall of all Seoul’s palaces”; and its Okcheongyo stone bridge as its “oldest surviving structure”. Another feature is the Great Greenhouse, “a splendid Victorian-esque glass structure built by the Japanese in 1909”. Finally, it is the only Joseon-period palace that faces the east (as based on Confucian ideology, buildings in high esteem or importance should face a north-south orientation).

Changgyeonggung Palace is located in Seoul’s neighborhood Waryong [Waryong-dong/와룡동] — under the administration of Jongno- ga-dong/Jongno 1(il).2(i).3(sam).4(sa) [종로1.2.3.4가동] — in the Jongno District [Jongno-gu/종로구].

Please note that Empress Myeongseong was originally planned to be filmed at the Geunjeongjeon Throne Hall [근정전] of Gyeongbokgung Palace [경복궁]. But due to renovation work, the shoot was relocated to this palace’s Myeongjeongjeon Throne Hall.

185 Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 종로구 와룡동 창경궁로 185
(와룡동 2-1)
Geolocation: 37.578737, 126.995235

Getting here
Hyehwa Station [혜화역], Seoul Subway Line 4, Exit 4
(14 min. walk)
Anguk Station [안국역], Seoul Subway Line 3, Exit 3
(14 min. walk)

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Our Sunhi; Untold Scandal added by Marion KDL

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  1. Chunhyang

    Hi, Lr here

    The 1999 film “Chunhyang” (춘향뎐) used the palace for Lee Mong-ryong (Jo Seung-woo)’s civil service exam scenes

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