Café Valor [카페 발로/발로 1호점] (2015—2020)

Love Alarm (2019); Search: WWW (2019); He is Psychometric (2019); Romance Is A Bonus Book (2019); Dear My Room (2018-19); The Undateables (2018); Eulachacha Waikiki (2018); Hwayugi (2017-18); You're Closer Than I Think (2017); Chicago Typewriter (2017)

Hwang Sun-oh’s (Song Kang) new girlfriend Yook-ji (Kim Si-eun) has a photo shoot at this location in episode 6 of Love Alarm (좋아하면 울리는) (Netflix, 2019).

Bae Ta-mi (Im Soo-jeong) and Park Mo-gun (Jang Ki-yong) come here to play darts at Ta-mi’s request in episode 4 of Search: WWW/Type in Search Word: WWW (검색어를 입력하세요: WWW) (tvN, 2019), on the premise that she’s good at it — and he ends up winning the game instead. In episode 6, Ta-mi and her team come here to unwind, and happens to see Mo-gun arriving with Song Ga-gyeong (Jeon Hye-jin). Upset at the sight, she leaves just as Mo-gun spots her. The Barro TF team comes back here in episode 10 to join Ta-mi and Alex (Song Ji-ho) after their tipsy heart-to-heart.

The book concert for writer You Myeong-suk in episodes 11-12 of Romance is a Bonus Book/Romance is a Supplement/How To Publish Love (로맨스는 별책부록) (tvN, 2019) takes place here and Kang Dan-yi (Lee Na-young) steps in for her colleague Seo Young-a (Kim Sun-young) to emcee the event.
Note: The exterior in Romance Is A Bonus Book was filmed elsewhere.

This is one of Seo Min-seok’s (Kim Jae-young) favorite places and he brings Shim Eun-joo (Ryoo Hye-young) to this venue in final episode 12 of Dear My Room/Eun Joo’s Room (은주의 방) (Olive, 2018-19) because he thinks she would like it as much as he does.

Charlie (Jo Dal-Hwan) has a photo session here in episode 8 of The Undateables/Handsome Guy and Jung-Eum (훈남정음) (SBS, 2018).

Min Soo-a (Lee Joo-woo) has a shoot here and Kang Dong-goo (Kim Jung-hyun) comes to visit her while babysitting Han Yoon-a’s (Jung In-sun) baby in episode 1 of Eulachacha Waikiki/Laughter in Waikiki/Welcome to Waikiki (으라차차 와이키키) (JTBC, 2018). It’s also here that she breaks up with him.

Ah Sa-nyeo (Lee Se-young) meets P.K. (Lee Hong-ki) here in episode 19 of Hwayuki/A Korean Odyssey (화유기) (tvN, 2017-18). She tells him that he is actually helping Son Oh-gong (Lee Seung-gi) not Kang Dae-sung (candidate for the presidential election). But P.K. just wants to kill her, he made her realize that Oh-gong is actually protecting Sam-jang, not her. This makes her angry and she yells and throws a lighter on the ground, but it lands next to P.K.’s feet and lights him in a blue fire. Alice (Yoon Bo-ra) comes to rescue, telling him that her power is weak, but coming from the Waterland she can still extinguish the fire. Alice hugs P.K. tightly and the flame starts to become extinct. Alice tells him that when the flame is gone, she will also disappear back to the Dragon Sea Palace. Bubbles started to float to the sky and P.K. cries over her.

Choi Woo-jin (Lee Sang-yeob) enters this store in KBS Drama Special: You’re Closer Than I Think (당신은 생각보다 가까이에 있다) (KBS2, 2017), and realises that he’s being followed by the lady who helped him at the hospital (Im Hwa-young).

While in Chicago, Han Se-joo (Yoo Ah-in) does a book signing in episode 1 of Chicago Typewriter (시카고 타자기) (tvN, 2017). It takes place at this café (of course in reality this place is in Seoul – but well, in the drama we’re in Chicago). He stays till after the event and ‘meets’ a ‘talking’ typewriter that conjures up some sort of memories in him.

TEASER filmed here

The teaser for  He is Psychometric/That Psychometric Guy (사이코메트리 그녀석) (tvN, 2019) was filmed here, featuring GOT7’s Jinyoung and Shin Ye-eun.

Movie filmed here

This café was the setting for design/furniture store Mamastudio, where Hong E-soo (Han Hyo-joo) works in Beauty Within/The Beauty Inside (뷰티 인사이드) (2015).

MV filmed here

Alex Christine ft. JRE & K-Tigers: ‘Strike It Up‘(LEGENDARY: Making of a K-Pop Star) (2018)
Jay Park X 1MILLION:  ‘All I Wanna Do’ (Feat. Hoody, Loco) (2016)

Variety show filmed here

Running Man (런닝맨) (SBS, 2017 October 22 – episode 373)

* * *

This was the first site of café and film studio Café Valor [카페 발로/발로 1호점], which also goes by the name of Studio Valor, located in Incheon’s neighborhood Sipjeong [Sipjeong-dong/십정동] in the [Bupyeong-gu/부평구] with two stores diagonally across from each other. Café Valor started out by selling vintage furniture (and still do), and subsequently added the café. In 2020, the cafe and studio, which is run by CEO Peter Kim/Kim Yeon-pyo, closed and moved to the village of Chowonji [Chowonji-ri/초원지리] in Gimpo’s Daegot Township [Daegot-myeon/대곶면] into a larger former warehouse, which was opened in 2021. The building which housed the first café is on sale as of May 2022.

Address of Café Valor 1st store
52 Baekbeom-ro 578beon-gil, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, South Korea
인천광역시 부평구 백범로578번길 52
(십정동 247)
Geolocation: 37.476423, 126.691896

Previous Address of Café Valor 2nd store
47 Baekbeom-ro 578beon-gil, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, South Korea
인천광역시 부평구 백범로578번길 47
(십정동 231)

— submitted by Marion and Mich KDL
— Photos taken by © ruffeecola, November 2017 [View more of her photos of the previous location here]

Hwayuki and Running Man added by ruffeecola

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