Cafe Onion Seongsu [어니언 성수점]

Lovestruck in the City (2020-21); More Than Friends (2020)

Lee Eun-o (Kim Ji-won) passes by this café in episode 7 of Lovestruck in the City (도시남녀의 사랑법) — Series 1: City Couple’s Way of Love (KakaoTV/Netflix, 2020-21) when carrying one of her memories of Park Jae-won (Ji Chang-wook) — a surfboard she wants get rid off. When having disposed it and on her way back, she finds shelter from the rain here too.

Kyung Woo-yeon (Shin Ye-eun) and Lee Soo (Ong Seong-wu of Wanna One) come to this rooftop café during their exploration of Seongsu-dong — the 7th neighborhood featured in their book Seoul’s Stories— in episode 7 of More Than Friends/Number Of Cases (Kyeongueui Su/경우의 수) (JTBC, 2020). It is here that she suggests the concept “When one cycle ends, another begins” for this neighborhood and they have a heart-to-heart talk about her one-sided love for him.

* * *

Opened in 2016, Cafe Onion Seongsu [어니언 성수점 or 어니언 for short], is the first of Cafe Onion’s branches in Seoul. This original Cafe Onion branch is located in Seoul’s neighborhood Seongsu [Seongsu-dong/성수동] —also known as the Brooklyn of Seoul— in the Seongdong District [Seongdong-gu/성동구].

It’s about 7-9 minutes’ walk to/from Soba Sikdang — Seongsu branch [소바식당 성수점], Marly Cafe [마를리], the murals at Seongsuiro 7(chil)-gil [성수이로7길] and Econet Center [에코넷센터].

Instagram: @cafe.onion

8 Achasan-ro 9(gu)-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 성동구 아차산로9길 8
(성수동2가 277-135)
Geolocation: 37.544699, 127.058206

Getting here
Seongsu Station [성수역], Seoul Subway Line 2, Exit 2
(3 min. walk)

— submitted by Marion KDL

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