Cattle & Bee — Yangjae Branch [캐틀앤비 양재점]

It's Beautiful Now (2022); Business Proposal (2022); The Beauty Inside (2018)

Hyun Mi-rae (Bae Da-bin) meets up with her (still) husband Park Jun-hyung (Lee Hyun-jin) —dubbed “Person 1” by her for her marriage annulment lawsuit— at this café in episode 2 of It’s Beautiful Now/Now Is Beautiful/It’s Beautiful Right Now (현재는 아름다워) (KBS2, 2022).

Kang Tae-mu (Ahn Hyo-seop) brings Shin Ha-ri (Kim Se-jeong) – who’s meant to pay – for a meal here in episode 8 of Business Proposal/A Business Proposal/Sanaematsun (사내맞선) (SBS/Netflix, 2022), and she gets a shock when she sees how much the bill would cost.

Also seen in The Beauty Inside / Byooti Insaideu (뷰티 인사이드) (JTBC, 2018).

* * *

Cattle & Bee [캐틀앤비] —sometimes stylized as Cattle n Bee— is a bakery dessert & bistro franchise chain with five outlets across South Korea (mostly in Seoul, including their Gangnam Branch) as of March 2022. Cattle and Bee was launched in April 2014 as a premium organic ice cream specialty store by entertainment company Star Iyagi’s (스타이야기) CEO Kim Dong-hee (김동희). Organic milk and honey are the main ingredients with toppings designed by star chef Rayman Kim (레이먼 킴). Since then, they have considerably broadened their offerings to include baked goods and brunch menus.

This particular branch, which opened in 2017 in a newly built building, is located at Yangjaecheon Cafe Street [양재천 카페거리] just opposite from Yangjaecheon [양재천] in Seoul’s neighborhood Yangjae [Yangjae-dong/양재동] in the Seocho District [Seocho-gu/서초구]; in walking distance to/from Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Station [양재시민의숲역]. Star Iyagi’s office is said to also be located in the same building as this café, though it’s unclear whether the entertainment company is still in operation.

The main features of this branch are probably its grand piano and a terrace facing Yangjaecheon.

131 Yangjaecheon-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 서초구 양재천로 131
(양재동 90-4)
Geolocation: 37.478813, 127.041918

Getting here
Yangjae Station [양재역(서초구청)], Seoul Subway Line 3 and Shinbundang Line, Exit 8
(14 min. walk)

— submitted by Marion and Mich KDL

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