Bukchon-ro 11ga-gil [북촌로11가길]

Black Knight (2017-18)

Jang Baek-hee (Jang Mi-hee) walks along this street in episode 11 of Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (흑기사) (KBS2, 2017-18) and she realizes that Sharon (Seo Ji-Hye) made Park Cheol-Min (Kim Byung-ok) a monster, in asking him to be rich by any means.

* * *

Bukchon-ro 11-gil [북촌로 11 길] is a central street in Bukchon Hanok Village [북촌한옥마을], Seoul. It is the street that Sanggojae [상고재], the Personal Taste House, is located at.

Geolocation: 37.583304, 126.983723

Getting here
Anguk Station [안국역], Seoul Subway Line 3, Exit 2

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  1. the black knight shooting location

    It’s a very beautiful location to walk around it and I also would like to know the name of the guesthouse that Kim Rae Won and Shin Se Kyung used to live in the drama. I would love to know too if there were any location that they used to shooting for the drama because I like all the scenery in the drama.

    1. Hi Nabiha! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, this street is indeed beautiful! I noticed that I mainly keep watching Black Knight because of the beautiful locations. You can see all the locations here (keep checking back; there are more to come soon :)). As for the guesthouse, I haven’t found it (yet). Please let us know if you stumble over it 🙂

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