The Botanical Garden BCJ [벽초지 문화 수목원]

Hotel Del Luna (2019); Eulachacha Waikiki 2 (2019); Romance Is A Bonus Book (2019); Devilish Joy (2018); A Poem A Day (2018); The Great Seducer (2018); Bride of the Water God 2017 (2017); Second to Last Love (2016), Cinderella and Four Knights (2016), Doctors (2016); Beautiful Gong Shim (2016); Five Children (2016), Descendants of the Sun (2016); She Was Pretty (2015); Mask (2015); Hyde Jekyll, Me (2015); Fated to Love You (2014); Angel Eyes (2014); The Master's Sun (2013), I Need Romance 2 (2012); Arang and the Magistrate (2012)
; Rooftop Prince (2012); Bridal Mask (2012); City Hunter (2011), 49 Days (2011), Deep Rooted Tree (2011); Playful Kiss (2010); Boys Over Flowers (2009), You're Beautiful (2009)

Left behind by action director and his team for their part-time job, Kook Ki-bong (Shin Hyun-soo) and Lee Joon-ki (Lee Yi-kyung) walk through this park trying to find their way back home in episode 1 of Eulachacha Waikiki 2 / Welcome to Waikiki 2 (으라차차 와이키키 시즌2) (JTBC, 2019).

In the final scene of final episode 16 of Romance is a Bonus Book/Romance is a Supplement/How To Publish Love (로맨스는 별책부록) (tvN, 2019), Kang Dan-i (Lee Na-young) and Cha Eun-ho (Lee Jong-suk) walk through this garden and share a kiss.

This garden appears as the garden of ‘Healing Village’ in Devilish Joy (마성의 기쁨) (MBN/Dramax, 2018). While Joo Gi-bbeum (Song Ha-yoon) sits in a park reading the manuscript of the drama ‘The Man Who Erased Time’, we see Gong Ma-sung (Choi Jin-hyuk) walking through this botanical garden in episode 6. In episode 8, Ma-sung (while being on a work trip here again) meets Gi-bbeum here by coincidence as she is also here on a MT. After showing her around the garden and explaining her the ‘Fountain of Memories,’ he regains his memories of how he met Gi-bbeum and runs towards her — their ‘reunion’ as lovers ends with a kiss.

Woo Boyoung (Lee Yubi) and Ye Jaewook (Lee Joonhyuk) enjoyed a date here in episode 15 of A Poem A Day / You Who Forgot Poetry (시를 잊은 그대에게) (tvN, 2018).

The two love-birds Park Hye-Jung (Oh Ha-Nee) and Joo An come here on their date in episode 14 of The Great Seducer/Tempted (위대한 유혹자) (MBC, 2018). She has curfew and needs to part quickly upon a call (also her mother thinks that she is visiting a prospect university).

In Bride of the Water God 2017 (하백의 신부 2017) (tvN, 2017), this garden is part of the World of the Gods as seen in episode 8 for instance.

In Cinderella and Four Knights (신데렐라와 네 명의 기사) (tvN, 2016), this is where Eun Ha-Won (Park So-Dam) and Kang Ji-Woon (Jung Il-Woo) come across Park Hye-Ji (Son Na-Eun) on their way back from horse riding earlier on in episode 8.

In Beautiful Gong Shim (미녀 공심이) (SBS, 2016), this garden appears as the Blue Sky Arboretum where Ahn Dan-Tae’s (Namgoong Min) father works for a short time.

In Second to Last Love [끝에서 두번째 사랑] (SBS, 2016), Kang Min-Joo (Kim Hee-Ae) visits this garden in episode 1. But this is also the place where Park Joon-Woo (Kwak Si-Yang) and Ko Mi-Ryeo (Kim Seul-Gi) stargaze after Min-Joo (Kim Hee-Ae) had broken up with Joon-Woo and where Kang Min-Joo and Ko Sang-Sik (Ji Jin-Hee) see fireflies on their date.

In Descendants of the Sun (2016), Yoo Shi-Jin (Song Joong-Ki) goes fishing in episode 6.

Hong Ji-Hong (Kim Rae-Won) proposes here to Yoo Hye-Jung (Park Shin-Hye) in episode 20 of Doctors (닥터스) (SBS, 2016).

This is also where Kim Shin-Hyuk (Choi Si-Won) brings Kim Hye-Jin (Hwang Jung-Eum) when he asked her to be his personal assistant for a day in episode 8 of She was Pretty (2015); they take a walk and goofy selfies.

In episode 9 of Mask (가면) (SBS, 2015), Choi Min-woo (Ju Ji-hoon) brings Byun Ji-sook (Soo Ae) here. He explains her how coming here and listening to the sound of the wind and the birds clears his mind and he also asks for Ji-sooks future plans and dreams.

Koo Seo-jin (Hyun-Bin) confesses his feelings to Jang Ha-na (Han Ji-min) at this garden in final episode 20 of Hyde, Jekyll & I (하이드 지킬, 나) (SBS, 2015) which ends with a soft kiss.

This garden is the backdrop for the entry sequel in Fated to Love You/You Are My Destiny (운명처럼 널 사랑해) (MBC, 2014) — as seen, for instance, in episode 1.

This is also the place where shooting practice takes place in City Hunter (2011).

Also, this is where The Scheduler (Jung Il-Woo) explains Shin Ji-Hyun (Nam Gyu-Ri) her two options after her accident in episode 1 of 49 Days (2011) — either directly go to the afterworld or find three people who truly love her.

Oh Ha-ni’s (Jung So-min) imagination kicks in and she dreams up a baroque fight scene between Baek Seung-jo (Kim Hyun-joong) and Bong Joon-gu (Lee Tae-seong) at this garden when the two compete over who is cooler at throwing things in a trashcan in a convenience store in episode 5 of Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss/Naughty Kiss (장난스런 키스) (MBC, 2010).

This is also where Shin Ji-Hyunand Han Kang (Jo Hyun-Jae) go for a picnic in episode 20. The dream sequence when Go Mi-nam (Park Shin-Hye) passes out in episode 1 of You’re Beautiful (미남이시네요) (SBS, 2009) also takes place here.

In Boys Over Flowers (2009), this park appears as Shinhwa High School’s garden. This is, for instance, the place where jealous Koo Jun-pyo (Lee Min-ho) tries to force-kiss Geum Jan-di (Ku Hye-sun) in episode 3.

Also seen in epiosde 10 of of Hotel Del Luna (호텔 델루나) (tvN, 2019); episode 26 of Five Children; Angel Eyes (2014); The Master’s Sun (2013); I Need Romance 2 (2012); Arang and the Magistrate/Tale of Arang (아랑사또전/阿娘使道傳) (MBC, 2012)
; Rooftop Prince (옥탑방 왕세자) (SBS, 2012); Bridal Mask/Gaksital (각시탈) (KBS2, 2012); Deep Rooted Tree/Tree With Deep Roots (뿌리 깊은 나무) (SBS, 2011); Heartstrings/You’ve Fallen for Me (넌 내게 반했어) (MBC, 2011); 49 Days (49일) (SBS, 2011).


The Lies Within (모두의 거짓말) (OCN, 2019)
— Teaser ‘Lee Min-ki Character Promo (모두의 거짓말 이민기 캐릭터 프로모)

* * *

The Botanical Garden BCJ [벽초지 문화 수목원 or short 벽초지수목원], a botanic garden founded in 1965, is located in the village of Changman [Changman-ri/창만리] in Paju’s Gwangtan Township [Gwangtan-myeon/광탄면]; around 2,5 hrs by public transport North of Seoul. This is one of the K-Dramaland staples.

242 Buheung-ro, Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기 파주시 광탄면 부흥로 242
(광탄면 창만리 166-1)
Geolocation: 37.800977, 126.873712

Instagram: @bcjplace

— submitted by Marion KDL
— Photo taken by © Thom Musni, September 2019

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  1. Episode 10 of Hotel Del Luna was also filmed here.

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    Is this open to public? with an entrance fee?

    1. Hi there, yes it is! You can see the information on opening hours and entrance fee in the right sidebar (under the map). But please double-check on the garden’s webpage before visiting.

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