Art Gallery Café [아트갤러리카페]

Nevertheless (2021); Private Lives (2020); When My Love Blooms (2020); VIP (2019) Search: WWW (2019); Romance Is A Bonus Book (2019); Why Secretary Kim (2018); The Undateables (2018); Reunited Worlds (2017); First Love Again (2016-17); Another Miss Oh (2016)

After leaving the art museum, Park Jae-eon (Song Kang) and Yoo Na-bi (Han So-hee) come here in episode 8 of Nevertheless/I Know But (알고있지만) (JTBC/Netflix, 2021), where he tells her that it was at the museum that he’d seen her and fell for her at first sight.

Jeong Bok-gi (Kim Hyo-jin) strides into this cafe in episode 10 of Private Lives/Private Life/Sasaenghwal (사생활) (JTBC, 2020) and dumps a smoothie accidentally, on purpose on Bae Jeong-hong of the National Tax Service. She offers to give him her number in order to make compensation, of which he was more interested in the former than the latter. Bok-gi returns here in episode 15 to meet Oh Hyun-kyung (Cha Soo-yeon)

Jang Seo-kyung (Park Si-yeon) asks to meet Yoon Ji-soo (Lee Bo-young) at this cafe in episode 12 of When My Love Blooms/The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (화양연화 – 삶이 꽃이 되는 순간) (tvN, 2020) to make her stand about divorcing Han Jae-hyun (Yoo Ji-tae) — by tearing up the divorce document in front of her.

Park Sung-joon (Lee Sang-yoon), Na Jung-sun (Jang Na-ra), Ha Yu-ri (Pyo Ye-jin) and Ma Sang-woo (Shin Jae-ha) attend a meeting with a matchmaker for rich families at her office, in episode 28 (full episode 14) of VIP/V.I.P. (브이아이피/Beuiaipi) (SBS, 2019). The matchmaker agrees to consider collaborating with the Sungun team on their event — on the condition that she gets to interview Yu-ri and Sang-woo, who are both from privileged families. It is here that Jung-sun’s gastritis acts up, and while Sung-joon tries to show her some concern, Sang-woo intercepts and tells him that it’s better if he doesn’t interact with Jung-sun for the time being.

Song Ga-gyeong (Jeon Hye-jin) passes by this cafe in her car in episode 11 of Search: WWW/Type in Search Word: WWW (검색어를 입력하세요: WWW), and spots Scarlett/Cha Hyeon (Lee Da-hee) sitting inside, deeply concentrating on her work. This makes Ga-gyeong recall the past, when they were both in school.

Song Hae-rin (Jung Eugene) meets up in this café with Ji Seo-joon (Wi Ha-joon) in episode 9 of Romance is a Bonus Book/Romance is a Supplement/How To Publish Love (로맨스는 별책부록) (tvN, 2019) to sign a contract with him for five book designs.

Young-Joon’s mother (Kim Hye-ok) meets up at this gallery café with Kim Mi-So (Park Min-young) in episode 3 of Why Secretary Kim/What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (김비서가 왜 그럴까) (tvN, 2018) to ask her about her son’s schedule.

Cha Tae-hoon (Kim Jin-woo) has a blind date at this café with Lee Seo-won (Han So-hee) in episode 18 of Reunited Worlds (다시 만난 세계) (SBS, 2017) who quits the café after a quite debriefing how to announce to their parents that they do not match to join her boyfriend Sung Young-joon (Yoon Sun-woo).

Also seen in The Undateables/Handsome Guy and Jung-Eum (훈남정음) (SBS, 2018); First Love Again (다시, 첫사랑) (KBS2, 2016-17); Another Miss Oh / Oh Hae-young Again (또 오해영) (tvN, 2016).

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Art Gallery Café [아트갤러리카페] is a cafe located in Paju Book City in Paju’s [파주시] neighborhood Munbal [Munbal-dong/문발동] — part of its administrative neighborhood Gyoha-dong [교하동]. Café Paper Tree [종이와 나무] sits right next to this café and it is about a 15 minute walk from here to Mimesis Art Museum [미메시스 아트 뮤지엄].

The exhibit here seen as of April 2020 (which appeared briefly in When My Love Blooms and Private Lives) is “Our Own”, featuring the artworks of 13 contemporary European artists.

1F, 445-2 Hoedong-gil, Munbal-dong, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
경기도 파주시 회동길 445-2
(문발동 638-3)
Geolocation: 37.720434, 126.693496

Getting here
Hapjeong Station [합정역], Seoul Subway Line 2 and 6, Exit 1
➜ Head to the Hapjeong Station bus stop [합정역 정류장] (14-895) and take bus 2200 for 9 stops (approx. 32 mins) to the Lotte Premium Outlet bus stop [롯데프리미엄아울렛 정류장] (31-707).
➜ From there, it’s a 7 minute walk in to the cafe.

— submitted by Marion KDL, updated by Mich KDL

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