Apgujeong-ro 50-gil [압구정로50길]

Are You Human? (2018); Can You Hear My Heart (2011); Secret Garden (2010-11); Coffee House (2010); Will It Snow for Christmas? (2009-10); High Kick Through the Roof (2006-07)

No. 52 — Nam Shin III (Seo Kang-joon) and Kang So-bong (Gong Seung-yeon) take a walk here after the bridal shop fiasco with Seo Ye-na (Park Hwan-hee) in episode 15 of Are You Human?/Are You Human Too (너도 인간이니?) (KBS2, 2018). On an LED pillar here, Nam Shin flashes a visual of what So-bong would have looked like in the wedding dress she was eyeing, much to her embarrassment. All this, while being oblivious to how Seo Jeong-gil’s spy watches them from a distance.

No. 28 — It is at the height of Rodeo Hyundai Apartment Shopping Center that adult Bong Woo-Ri (Hwang Jung-Eum) thinks to have seen her ‘oppa’, Jang Joon-ha (Namgung Min), in episode 5 of Can You Hear My Heart?/Listen to My Heart (내 마음이 들리니) (MBC, 2011) when she is walking down the street with Lee Seung-chul (Lee Kyu-han).

Apgujeong Rodeo Street was also seen in Secret Garden (Sikeurit Gadeun/시크릿 가든) (SBS, 2010-11); Coffee House (Keopi Hauseu/커피하우스) (SBS, 2010); Will It Snow for Christmas?/Will It Snow on Christmas? (크리스마스에 눈이 올까요?) (SBS, 2009-10); High Kick Through the Roof/Unstoppable High Kick/High Kick! (거침없이 하이킥) (MBC, 2006-07) — Source


No. 28 — Apgujeong Gopddeok — Apgujeongrodeo Branch [압구정곱떡 압구정로데오점]

* * *

Apgujeong-ro 50-gil [압구정로50길] is a short street located in Seoul’s neighborhood Sinsa [Sinsa-dong/신사동] in the Gangnam district [Gangnam-gu/강남구]. The northern end of this street, off of Apgujeong-ro [압구정로], was formerly one of the main entry points to Apgujeong Rodeo Street [압구정 로데오거리가] —a high end fashion street known “as the center of entertainment and fashion for wealthy young people” in the 1990s— and was garnered with an entrance sign board (briefly seen in episode 2 of 2022 Twenty-Five, Twenty-One). Interest gradually declined in this shopping area and in 2009 a first effort was undertaken to revive this street by planting pine trees, replacing the street lights and taking down the iconic entry signboard on Apgujeong-ro.

Please note
The scene in AYH — was filmed in front of the Rodeo Hyundai Apartment Building [로데오현대아파트], that sits at the Southern end of the street. Please note that the scene was filmed here in 2017, and some of the shops in the background (e.g. Women’s Secret) no longer exist in the same location.

The street seen in 25 21 — is not this one and was filmed somewhere else (they only showed the signboard).

Address of Are You Human? scene
22 Apgujeong-ro 50-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 압구정로50길 22 로데오현대아파트
(신사동 658-1)
Geolocation of AYH scene: 37.526827, 127.037694

Getting here
Apgujeongrodeo Station [압구정로데오역], Bundang Line, Exit 5

— submitted by Mich KDL
— Photos taken by © Florence, August 2018

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