Ahopsan Forest, Gijang [아홉산숲]

River Where the Moon Rises (2021); The King: Eternal Monarch (2020); 100 Days My Prince (2018); My Sassy Girl (2017); Ruler – Master of the Mask (2017); The King In Love (2017); Moon Lovers (2016); Flowers of the Prison (2016); The Royal Gambler (2016)

The time travel portal in The King: Eternal Monarch (더킹:영원의 군주) (SBS, 2020) stands in this forest — as seen, for instance, in episode 1 (full episode 1).

Yeon Hong-shim/Yoon Yi-seo (Nam Ji-hyun) accepts a request through her ‘Solution Agency’ that Lee Yul/Na Won-deuk (Do Kyung-soo/EXO D.O.) plays a client’s lover in episode 6 of 100 Days My Prince (백일의 낭군님) (tvN, 2018) and the scene takes place in this forest.

When Hae-soo (Lee Ji-Eun/IU) and Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) were kidnapped by the men of the guy he dueled with, Queen Yoo (Park Ji-young) had the guy’s arm cut for laying a hand on the 14th prince. In revenge, he kidnaps Jung in episode 4 of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (달의 연인-보보경심 려) (SBS, 2016) and drags him to this forest. Hae-soo witnesses the scene, follows them and attempts to save Jung. It is finally the two other brothers, Wang Wook (Kang Ha-neul) and Wang So (Lee Joon-gi), who come to Hae-soo’s and Jung’s rescue.

Also seen in River Where the Moon Rises (달이 뜨는 강) (KBS2, 2021); My Sassy Girl (엽기적인 그녀) (SBS, 2017); Ruler – Master of the Mask/The Emperor: Owner of the Mask (군주-가면의 주인) (MBC, 2017); The King in Love/The King Loves (왕은 사랑한다) (MBC, 2017); Flowers of the Prison/The Flower in Prison (옥중화) (MBC, 2016); The Royal Gambler/Jackpot (대박) (SBS, 2016).


The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale (대호) (2015)
Memories of the Sword (협녀: 칼의 기억) (2015)
Kundo: Age of the Rampant (군도: 민란의 시대) (2014)

CF filmed here

Feel the Rhythm of KOREA: BUSAN–TONGYEONG (2021) feat. sogumm for ‘Imagine your Korea’ by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)

* * *

Ahopsan Forest [아홉산숲] is a privately owned forest, mainly known for its bamboo trees. But it also features forests of cedar and pine trees, for instance; trees that are mostly between 100 and 300 years old. This forest is located in the village of Ungcheon [Ungcheon-ri/웅천리] in Gijang County’s Cheolma Township [Cheolma-myeon/철마면].

Busan, Gijang, Cheolma-myeon
부산 기장군 철마면 미동길 37-1
(철마면 웅천리 26)
Geolocation: 35.2871469, 129.1714287

Getting here
Centum City Station BEXCO [센텀시티역 벡스코], Busan Metro Line 2, Exit 2
➜ Board Bus no. 115-1 at Donghae Line Bexco Bus Stop [동해선 벡스코역, no. 09715] for 17 stops.
➜ Arrive at Banyeo Agricultural Wholesale Market Namnum Bus Stop [반여농산물도매시장 동문, no. 09330].
➜ Board bus no. 184 for 16 stops. Arrive at Ungcheon Bus Stop [웅천, no. 16306]
➜ Walk for 500m to Ahopsan

Please note:
* Some buses on remote places in Gijang, comes every 40 minutes. So still the best way to get there is by car.
** Also, there are other ways to get there if you consult the Naver map ^^

— submitted by Channel, updated by Marion KDL
— Photos taken by © Channel, January 2019

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