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Messages on t-shirts. Messages on pillows. Messages on tote bags. You name it. Messages are printed an all different sorts of K-Dramaland material and usually they fit the situations perfectly.

So here’s a first selection for all fellow printed message-lovers.

“Life is Hard. Today I Chose Joy”

A major case of want-have is this tote-bag that Hyun-Soo wears in Temperature of Love (2017)! ♡

“Life is Like a Highway…”

“…all anyone needs is a good adventure,” is written on the back of this t-shirt that Dan-Ah wears in episode 13 of Strongest Deliveryman (2017). You can get the t-shirt here.

“The Journey is the Reward”

Who wouldn’t love this (said to be) Chinese proverb (also the title of a book by Steve Jobs) on Mi-Young’s shirt?

“People Fail Forward to Success”

What a difference a letter makes!
Remember homeless, desperate and jobless Jin-Gyu kidnapped by Ji-Yoon after he quit his job?! Right. This moment he sits in front of this slogan in episode 13 of Strongest Deliveryman (2017).

“Life Isn’t About Waiting For the Storm To Pass, It’s About Learning To Dance In the Rain.”

A constant reminder in Hospital Ship (2017)
Do you also spot messages? Let us know!


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