Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter (2018) — An Overview

Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter (2018, episode 8)



Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter (2018, episode 4)

Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter/
Gyeryong Fairy Tale/Tale of Fairy
[계룡선녀전] (tvN, 2018)

Written by Dol Bae (Webtoon)/Yoo Kyung-sun, Directed by Kim Yun-cheol

November 5 ~ December 25, 2018 [Mon & Tue]
16 episodes

A modern twist to the traditional Korean tale of The Fairy and the Woodcutter; will true love prevail through the centuries and into the present day, as a 699 -year-old fairy goes in search of her long-lost husband — or will love find her instead? — by Mich KDL



Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter (2018, episode 16)

Note that this is not the full cast credits for this show — only those mentioned on KDL!

Jeong Yi-hyun (Yoon Hyun-min)
Professor at Yiwon University
— — — — — — —
Kim Geum (Seo Ji-hoon)
Research assistant; Yi-hyun’s housemate
Lee Ham-sook (Jeon Soo-jin)
Professor at Yiwon University; Yi-hyun’s friend
Teacher Goo (Ahn Kil-kang)
Celestial being; former pigeon
Wizard Park (Kim Min-kyu)
Celestial being; former Casanova
Seon Ok-nam (Moon Chae-won/Ko Du-shim)
699-year-old barista fairy
— — — — — — —
Jeom Soon (Kang Mi-na of Gugudan)
Ok-nam’s daughter; webtoon author
Jo Bong-dae (Ahn Young-mi)
Guardian God
Fairy Oh (Hwang Young-hee)
Celestial being; former fairy
Eom Gyeong-sul (Yoo Jung-woo)
Jeom Soon’s first boyfriend


Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter (2018, episode 1)


Just like how the fairies journeyed from the celestial world to the human world, Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter also took us on a journey across some beautiful locations rarely seen on our screens — like the Fairy Waterfall, celestial pavilions, and heritage temples (one that even played host to the Fairy Cafe!). As for the human world, our characters visited a range of places: from K-drama classics (seen from a fresh perspective), to new, modern additions. We also wonder if the show had any convenience store endorsements, considering two stores of 7-Eleven were seen in it!

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Last update: 22/03/2019

SEOUL [서울특별시]

Jeongnong-dong [전농동]
University of Seoul [서울시립대학교]

Seongnae-dong [성내동]
— Babeans Coffee — Gangdong-gu Office store
[바빈스커피 강동구청점]

Sinsa-dong [신사동]
— Seolleung-ro 157gil [선릉로157길] [E11]

JUNG-GU [중구]
Hoehyeon-dong [회현동]
— Culture Station Seoul 284 [문화역서울 284] [E3]

MAPO-GU [마포구]
Yonggang-dong [용강동]
— Dohwaso Children’s Park [도화소어린이공원] [E3/4]
Yeonnam-dong [연남동]
— Seongmisan-ro 29gil [성미산로29길]
— House Seongmisan-ro 29gil (Yi-hyun/Kim Geum)
— 7-Eleven — Mapo Yeonnam store [E9]

NOWON-GU [노원구]
Sanggye-dong [상계동]
— Gangbuk Mega Study Hakwon
[강북 메가스터디학원]
7-Eleven — Nowon First Store
[세븐일레븐 노원제일점]

Banpo-dong [반포동]
— Banpo Bridge [반포대교] [E10]
Some Sevit/Sebitseom [세빛섬] [E11/16]

Daehyun-dong [대현동]
— Ewha University Street [이화여대길] [E2/8]

Hangangno-dong [한강로동]
— Yongsan Station [용산역] [E14]

BUYEO [부여군]

— Busosanseong Fortress [부소산성] [E4]


Seungan-ri [승안리]
— Gapyeong Yongchu Waterfall [가평 용추폭포]

GONGJU [공주시]

Yanghwa-ri [양화리]
— Sinwon Temple [신원사] [E1/16]

GOYANG [고양시]

Janghang-dong [장항동]
— Moraenae Seolleongtang — Ilsan Branch [E4]


Unrim-ri [운림리]
— Hamhwaru [함화루]


Gagok-dong [가곡동]
— Milyang Station [밀양역] [E3]

 MOKPO [목포시]

— Hapdong Employment Agency [E5]
Honam-dong [호남동]
— Mokpo Station [목포역] [E3]

 PAJU [파주시]

Munbal-dong [문발동]
— Mimesis Art Museum [미메시스 아트 뮤지엄] [E6]

 YEONGJU [영주시]

Bukji-ri [북지리]
— Buseoksa Temple [부석사]

 YONGIN [용인시]

Dongbaek-dong [동백동]
— Dongchun175 [동춘175] [E16]


Locations: Mich KDL


Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter (2018, episode 16)


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