KDL Treasure Hunt #2 — Where’s That Location?

by Marion & Mich KDL

Our first KDL Treasure Hunt was met with much success!

A big thank you to Thom Musni for coming through with the location for the entrance of ‘Heights Mansion’ in Touch Your Heart (2019), which interestingly, isn’t anywhere near the original place as many would have thought.

As for the cherry blossom site, we had a lead from danucy (many thanks!) and everything else was easy!

We’re back with three more mystery locations! Let’s see if you can track these down:

Light Pink Apartment

KDL reader Mimi reached out to us about finding a particular “light pink apartment”.

He Is Psychometric/That Psychometric Guy (사이코메트리 그녀석) (tvN, 2019)

Episode 3, around the 14 min. mark

Deer Head Mansion

This one’s from me (Marion). The tricky thing about this place is figuring out if it is real or a film set. Good Casting made me think that there are rooms to this place too. The exterior of this mansion(?) has not been seen in any its featured dramas, which would then make the film set theory viable. Various broadcasters have also filmed dramas here (this goes from KBS and JTBC, to SBS and tvN); which is sometimes (not always) a sign that it is a real life location.

This is somewhere I’ve been trying to track down since last year — can you help?

Mother of Mine (세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸) (KBS2, 2019), episode 16
Abyss (어비스) (tvN, 2019) — Cha min’s mother’s mansion (interior), episode 2
Melting Me Softly (날 녹여주오) (tvN, 2019), Mansion of CEO of Unseong Group, episode 4
Good Casting (굿캐스팅) (SBS, 2020), ‘NIS Safe House’, episode 6
Graceful Family (우아한 가) (MBN, 2019), Office of Mo Seok-hee’s grandfather, episode 5
Also SKY Castle (SKY 캐슬) (JTBC, 2018-19) and many more.


Hospital Exterior

I (Mich) have one too! I first saw this hospital exterior in Find Me In Your Memory, when it appeared as the exterior of a funeral parlour. It’s since appeared again in Backstreet Rookie and I’m quite keen to know where it is. Anyone knows?

Find Me in Your Memory (그 남자의 기억법) (MBC, 2020), episode 12 (full episode 6)
Backstreet Rookie/Convenience Store Saet-byul (편의점 샛별이) (SBS, 2020), episode 6

Know where these locations could be?

Send us a message or leave us a comment below!

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