Saturday Summary #55

by Marion & Mich KDL

What a month September was for us at KDL. We are still reeling over the situation that hit us hard and broke our hearts a little (or a lot). We won’t sugar-coat it and claim that all is well; for the most part, we are doing our best to move forward in whatever way we possibly can. It is also thanks to the good faith that’s still placed in us, and the overwhelming words of support, appreciation and encouragement that we received in the days that followed. Once again, a very big thank you, to the many who rallied around us during this tough time. ♥️

The Way I Hate You (2019)


More Than Friends (2020, episode 1)

One highlight for me (Marion) certainly had to be spotting an art piece by South Korean artist Do Ho Suh (서도호, b. 1962) at Incheon Airport in not one, but three ongoing dramas.

As for me (Mich), I knew it was only a matter of time before we’d see the beautiful Starfield Library [별마당 도서관] on our screens; and Record of Youth made that happen.


Do You Like Brahms? (2020, episode 2)

While the rich in K-Dramaland are typically associated with living in Pyeongchang-dong, it appears that a new neighborhood has been in their favor in the past year: U.N. Village [유엔빌리지]. Cha Su-hyeon lived here in Encounter, Oh Yoon-seo in Touch Your Heart, and now Won Hae-hyo lives here in Record of Youth. Think the name sounds familiar? Yes — it is that neighborhood EXO’s Baekhyun sings about in his 2019 song UN Village.

Less ‘village’, more ‘villas’

U.N. Village is considered as one of South Korea’s most affluent and exclusive neighborhoods. Located in Seoul’s Hannam-dong, this is where private homes of celebrities, chaebols and politicians stand alongside embassies in this gated compound, of which starting prices for homes are located at KRW3 billion (US$2.65 million) as stated by Jennifer Wang in 2017. Not only does it have a splendid view of the Han River and Dongho Bridge, its placement in feng shui (mountains behind and a river in front) makes it a desirable location.

Record of Youth (2020, episode 1)

As a quick introduction and orientation to the area: its main road is UN Village-gil [유엔빌리지길]; luxury apartment complexes here include Hyosung Village [효성빌리지] and La Terrasse Hannam [라테라스한남]Gallery Bisunjae [갤러리 비선재] is an art gallery so exclusive that only one person can enter at a time; and Dokseodang Children’s Park [독서당어린이공원] is where kids (and big kids) alike can play and hang out with friends.

Record of Youth (2020, episode 1)



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Till the next Saturday Summary, keep safe and stay well 🙂

Love, Marion & Mich KDL

Flower of Evil (2020, episode 16)

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