Have you ever noticed that same place again and again when watching K-Dramas? Did you ever wonder where your favorite drama moment was filmed? Have you just come back from a recent trip to film locations?

We here at Korean Dreamland are building the largest collection of filming locations. We also try to list every single K-Drama that was filmed at one site so that you can know who else lived, for example, in your favorite character’s place.

So here’s what you can do to take part, from anywhere in the world.

1. Submit a filming location

Is there any filming location you know and you can’t see here on Koreandramaland? Please share it with the community here in two small steps:
Go to the Submit Page & insert 3 information:
(1) the name of the filming location, (2) its address and (3) the name of the K-Drama that was filmed there.
You do not need an account for this.

Feel free to describe the scenes that were filmed at this location, upload photos, add other helpful information (links etc.). Otherwise we’ll do the rest.

→ See how a listing of a filming location looks like

2. Add information to existing filming locations

Seen a location in a K-Drama that is not mentioned? What are your favorite scenes that happened here? Share your travel experiences and directions to get to the filming location. Do you have photos from film locations visits?
Search for filming locations you know and add information →

3. Explore and Dream

Travel virtually through hundreds of filming locations. Discover places you love, bookmark them, and revisit significant scenes of your favorite K-Dramas. Enjoy seeing the places your favorite actors visited or find new places that you haven’t seen yet to discover new K-Dramas to watch.
Start dreaming →


Ready to participate?

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More questions? We are glad to help 🙂