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안녕 (Annyeong/Hello)!

Welcome to Korean Dramaland (KDL)!
This passion project started end of 2016, and has since grown tremendously as a K-drama location resource, thanks to the help of our friends and contributors.

At KDL, you can browse more than a thousand locations across more than 400 dramas on one map, find out more about each location and how to get there, and even find out which other K-Dramas were filmed at the same spot (you’d be surprised!).

Anyone can be a part of KDL! Whether you’ve got a keen eye for recognising familiar locations, a good nose to sniff out new locations, or are a fervent traveler to track down your favourite drama’s locations — you’re more than welcome to do your part to help make KDL grow. After all, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’! You’d never know which fellow K-drama fans you’d be able to help with your contribution 🙂

Want to know more about how this works? Read this — otherwise, add a location here!

Here’s a little more about the ‘girl power’ behind KDL:

Marion KDL

Hi! I’m Marion and I started KDL because I simply wanted to know where K-Dramaland is exactly. And I guess I’ve found (parts) of it by now thanks to everyone here… and it’s become infectious!. Every time I watch a show, I can’t refrain myself from treasure– ahem, I mean, location hunting.
Some of my first dramas were My Name is Kim Sam-soon and Coffee Prince (and its gender-bending). In general, I seem to like dramas that are flying under the radar like Avengers Social Club, Heart to Heart or Wok of Love. (Only to find out that this isn’t the case.)

Mich KDL

Hello! I’m Mich and I came across KDL in 2017 when I was looking for On The Way To The Airport locations. I’ve always liked searching for drama locations (you can read why here) and so it was such a joy to find an English K-drama location site! Since then, I’ve been happily contributing, and even my Korean trips now revolve around tracking down locations 🙂

Am the resident Go Kyung-pyo fangirl who’s happy that he’s back in K-dramaland ♥ Also, one of my fave dramas of late is the incredible Search: WWW — read why here.


KDL Contributors

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